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Night Book Achievements

Full list of Night Book achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Night Book has 17 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Marriage Is Off The Marriage Is Off 0 Sacrifice Pearce to the Spirits 100

Secret Achievements

He's Off His Meds He's Off His Meds 0 Loralyn did not drug her father Alecis 10
Will This Help? Will This Help? 0 Loralyn drugged her father Alecis 10
Personal Life Personal Life 0 Loralyn took the family call 10
Career Woman Career Woman 0 Loralyn took the business call 10
Save Dad Save Dad 0 Loralyn was able to save her father from the spirits 100
Impress Theron Impress Theron 0 Theron was impressed by Loralyn and allowed her to burn the book 100
A Little Extra A Little Extra 0 Why not get paid a little extra when all this madness is happening around you? 15
Use Your Connections Use Your Connections 0 Use Loralyn's connections with Jacqueline to learn to burn the book 100
Hopeful Hopeful 0 Loralyn offered Max hope when he needed it 15
On Your Bike On Your Bike 0 Convince Max to bring Loralyn the book 100
Deal Or No Deal Deal Or No Deal 0 Complete the sale of the Book to Theron 100
No One Is Safe No One Is Safe 0 Witness Cody become possessed by the spirits 15
Pearce Pearce 0 Loralyn spoke to Pearce every chance she got. 100
Shady Truth Shady Truth 0 Jacqueline reveals her secret 100
Horrific Horrific 0 The spirits have attacked everything Loralyn loves most 15
Unhelpful Unhelpful 0 Unable to obtain the book or scans from anyone 100