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Hoa Achievements

Full list of Hoa achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Hoa has 19 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Journey Starts The Journey Starts 0 You watched the Intro Cinematic 50
Into the Forest Into the Forest 0 You discovered Forest Area 50
Up the Branches Up the Branches 0 You discovered Tree Top I Area 50
Underground Explorer Underground Explorer 0 You discovered Underground Area 50
Night Traveler Night Traveler 0 You discovered Tree Top II Area 50
Marine Expert Marine Expert 0 You discovered Underwater Area 50
Metal Everywhere! Metal Everywhere! 0 You discovered Factory Area 50
Spirit Walker Spirit Walker 0 You discovered Land of the Spirits 50
Home Home 0 You finished the Game 100
The Socializer The Socializer 0 You talked to the First Creature 50
Do I Look Like a Ball to You? Do I Look Like a Ball to You? 0 You got Kicked 10 Times by the Robots 50
Rodeo Rodeo 0 You jumped on the Back of Frenzy Rhinoceros Beetle 50
Trampoline Aficionado Trampoline Aficionado 0 You bounced on Bouncy Larva's Back 10 Times 50
Maze Runner Maze Runner 0 You got through the Frozen Spiderweb 50
Air Dancer Air Dancer 0 You got through the Dancing Ladybugs 50
Night Vision Night Vision 0 You successfully Navigated the Dark Underwater Tunnels 50
Puppet Master Puppet Master 0 You changed the Positions of Robot's Chains 10 Times 50
Master of the Mind Master of the Mind 0 You successfully Navigated through the Reversed Control Section 100

Secret Achievements

The Untouchable The Untouchable 0 The Untouchable 0