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Kitaria Fables Achievements

Full list of Kitaria Fables achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Kitaria Fables has 27 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Journey Begins The Journey Begins 0 Complete the first quest. 15
A New Duty A New Duty 0 Learn the Fireball skill. 15
Dutiful Soldier Dutiful Soldier 0 Repair the broken bridge. 15
A Long-lost Path A Long-lost Path 0 Open the tunnel. 15
Mysterious Power Mysterious Power 0 Find the ancient relics. 15
Extra Protection Extra Protection 0 Craft a piece of armor. 15
Looking Good Looking Good 0 Craft a piece of headgear. 15
Can I Fly? Can I Fly? 0 Craft a wing accessory. 15
Defeat Wicked Shroom Defeat Wicked Shroom 0 Defeat Wicked Shroom. 15
Defeat King Gooey Defeat King Gooey 0 Defeat King Gooey. 15
Defeat Orc Warrior Defeat Orc Warrior 0 Defeat Orc Warrior. 15
Defeat Freddy o'Lantern Defeat Freddy o'Lantern 0 Defeat Freddy o'Lantern. 30
Defeat Giant Turtle Soldier Defeat Giant Turtle Soldier 0 Defeat Giant Turtle Soldier. 30
Defeat Dracuffy Defeat Dracuffy 0 Defeat Dracuffy. 30
Tricky Deal Tricky Deal 0 Unlock pumpkin seeds. 30
Meat Lovers Meat Lovers 0 Unlock shish kabob. 30
Hoarder Hoarder 0 Unlock all inventory spaces. 30
Master Swordsman Master Swordsman 0 Learn all sword skills. 30
Master Marksman Master Marksman 0 Learn all bow skills. 30
Tricked by a Cheeky Merchant Tricked by a Cheeky Merchant 0 Exchange a pearl for a pumpkin. 30
True Peace? True Peace? 0 Complete all the main quests. 100
Defeat Snowmonster Defeat Snowmonster 0 Defeat Snowmonster. 50
Defeat Crystal Guardian Defeat Crystal Guardian 0 Defeat Crystal Guardian. 50
Legendary Magic Wielder Legendary Magic Wielder 0 Learn all magic skills. 65
A Friend to All A Friend to All 0 Complete all the side quests. 100
A Shocking Truth A Shocking Truth 0 Defeat an old friend. 100
Is this the End? Is this the End? 0 Defeat the final boss. 100