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Phoenotopia: Awakening Achievements

Full list of Phoenotopia: Awakening achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Phoenotopia: Awakening has 33 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Bronze Heart Bronze Heart 0 Get the Bronze Heart badge 15
Silver Heart Silver Heart 0 Get the Silver Heart badge 30
Gold Heart Gold Heart 0 Get the Gold Heart badge 90
Fishing Novice Fishing Novice 0 Get the Fishing Novice badge 15
Fishing Pro Fishing Pro 0 Get the Fishing Pro badge 30
Quick hits Quick hits 0 Get the Quick Hits badge 15
Hard Hits Hard Hits 0 Get the Hard Hits badge 15
Overworld Encounters Overworld Encounters 0 Get the Overworld Encounters badge 15
Fluffy Pillow Connosieur Fluffy Pillow Connosieur 0 Get the Fluffy Pillow Connoisseur badge 30
Box Breaker Box Breaker 0 Get the Box Breaker badge 5
Snooper Snooper 0 Get the Snooper badge 5
Bronze Spirit Bronze Spirit 0 Get the Bronze Spirit badge 15
Silver Spirit Silver Spirit 0 Get the Silver Spirit badge 30
Gold Spirit Gold Spirit 0 Get the Gold Spirit badge 90
Experienced Cook Experienced Cook 0 Get the Experienced Cook badge 15
Experienced Diner Experienced Diner 0 Get the Experienced Diner badge 30
Starting Arsenal Starting Arsenal 0 Get the Starting Arsenal badge 5
Ending Arsenal Ending Arsenal 0 Get the Ending Arsenal badge 30
Survivalist Survivalist 0 Get the Survivalist badge 5
Hoarder Hoarder 0 Get the Hoarder badge 15
Speed Runner Speed Runner 0 Get the Speed Runner badge 90
Cat Petter Cat Petter 0 Get the Cat Petter badge 5
Bronze Moon Bronze Moon 0 Get the Bronze Moon badge 15
Silver Moon Silver Moon 0 Get the Silver Moon badge 30
Gold Moon Gold Moon 0 Get the Gold Moon badge 90
Recycler Pro Recycler Pro 0 Get the Recycler Pro badge 15
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0 Get the Treasure Hunter badge 15
Ethics Ethics 0 Get the Ethics badge 15
Not for Profit Not for Profit 0 Get the Not for Profit badge 15
Dark Wings Dark Wings 0 Get the Dark Wings badge 15
Light Wings Light Wings 0 Get the Light Wings badge 90
Zero Trial Zero Trial 0 Get the Zero Trial badge 90
Victory Victory 0 Get the Victory badge 15