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Star Hunter DX Achievements

Full list of Star Hunter DX achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Star Hunter DX has 32 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Asteroids Asteroids 0 Clear Stage 1. 30
Space Wreck Space Wreck 0 Clear Stage 2. 30
Blue Submarine Blue Submarine 0 Clear Stage 3. 30
I'm in It for the Money I'm in It for the Money 0 Clear Stage 4. 30
You're a Real Hero You're a Real Hero 0 Clear Stage 5. 30
It's a Trap! It's a Trap! 0 Clear Stage 6. 30
Space Ace Space Ace 0 Clear Bounty Hunter Mode Without Continuing. 30
True Grit True Grit 0 Clear Any Mode Without Continuing or Using Bullet Time. 30
Master of the Universe Master of the Universe 0 Clear Bullet Hell Mode Without Continuing. 70
Nothing Purrsonal Nothing Purrsonal 0 Clear the Game with Cat-99. 30
Starr Gazer Starr Gazer 0 Clear the Game with Luna. 30
Force Majeure Force Majeure 0 Clear the Game with Edgar. 30
Tougher than It Looks Tougher than It Looks 0 Continue on Stage 1. 30
Dancing with the Bullets Dancing with the Bullets 0 Clear Stage 5 Without Dying. 30
I'm Not Afraid I'm Not Afraid 0 Start a Game in Bullet Hell Mode. 30
Wax on Wax Off Wax on Wax Off 0 Play Any Stage in Practice Mode. 30
Librarian Librarian 0 Read the How to Play Guide. 30
Every Extend Extra Every Extend Extra 0 Collect a 1-UP Item. 30
Thermal Detonator! Thermal Detonator! 0 Recharge a Bomb. 30
Peckinpah Peckinpah 0 Use Bullet Time. 30
Starbuck Starbuck 0 Collect a High Value Energy Cube. 30
The Cat's out of the Bag The Cat's out of the Bag 0 Unlock Cat-99. 30
The Great Silence The Great Silence 0 Unlock Edgar. 30
Intergalactic Rescue Intergalactic Rescue 0 Rescue All Astronauts in Stage 4. 30
Brave Starr Brave Starr 0 Rescue 15 Astronauts. 30
Live Long and Prosper Live Long and Prosper 0 Rescue all 30 Astronauts. 30
Galaxy Gold Galaxy Gold 0 Only Collect Gold at X8 Multiplier on Any Stage. 30
Sea Shepherd Sea Shepherd 0 Don't Kill Any Jellyfish in Stage 3. 30
Run for It! Run for It! 0 Trigger a Boss Escape Pod. 30
Reindeer Flotilla Reindeer Flotilla 0 Destroy the Stage 5 Boss' Escape Pod. 30
Warp Speed Warp Speed 0 Defeat the Stage 1 Boss with 50 Seconds Remaining. 30
Grab That Cash Grab That Cash 0 Score over 30000000 Points. 30