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Boyfriend Dungeon Achievements

Full list of Boyfriend Dungeon achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Boyfriend Dungeon has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Double-Edged Double-Edged 0 Reach max Love level with the Talwar. 50
Heart Piercing Heart Piercing 0 Reach max Love level with the Dagger. 50
Sharp Dresser Sharp Dresser 0 Reach max Love level with the Estoc. 50
Recharged Batteries Recharged Batteries 0 Reach max Love level with the Lasersaber. 50
Out of the Bag Out of the Bag 0 Reach max Love level with the Brass Knuckles. 50
Reap the Benefits Reap the Benefits 0 Reach max Love level with the Scythe. 50
Polyarmourous Polyarmourous 0 Share your love, to the max. 50
Full Weapon Cabinet Full Weapon Cabinet 0 Go on a date with all the wieldable weapons. 50
In Arm's Reach In Arm's Reach 0 Reach max Love level with the Glaive. 50
Thoughtful Thoughtful 0 Give a perfect gift. 25
No Thanks No Thanks 0 Have a gift rejected. 15
Overcame Fear: Change Overcame Fear: Change 0 Face your fears! In the mall! 50
Overcame Fear: Intimacy Overcame Fear: Intimacy 0 Face your fears! In the nightclub! 50
Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball 0 Find a shortcut. 25
Killer Combo Killer Combo 0 Kill 5 enemies in 1 second or less. 25
Secret Shopper Secret Shopper 0 Find the monster shop. 25
Summer's End Summer's End 0 Fly home. 75
Expert Packing Expert Packing 0 Impress the devs with your packing skill. 20
Boyfriend Material Boyfriend Material 0 Find all crafting components. 20
Prepared Prepared 0 Find all recipes. 20
Duct Tape Duct Tape 0 Craft something. 20
Hobbyist Hobbyist 0 Craft 10 recipes. 20
Artisan Artisan 0 Exhaust your workbench. 25
Author Author 0 Find all the zines. 20
Designer Designer 0 Find all the outfits. 25
Mad Hatter Mad Hatter 0 Find all the hats. 25
Saint Valentine Saint Valentine 0 Find all the gifts. 25
Retro Enthusiast Retro Enthusiast 0 Find a SNAZZ. 20
Flutterbuggiest Flutterbuggiest 0 Be the best flutterbug you can be! 20