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Struggling Achievements

Full list of Struggling achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Struggling has 34 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Classy! Classy! 0 Collect your first hat. 10
Fashionable Fashionable 0 Collect 3 hats. 10
Call in the Paparazzi Call in the Paparazzi 0 Collect 10 hats. 10
Headpiece Scavenger Headpiece Scavenger 0 Collect 15 hats. 10
Epic Stylist Epic Stylist 0 Collect 20 hats. 20
Mad Hatter Mad Hatter 0 Collect 30 hats. 30
Almost there... Almost there... 0 Collect 38 hats. 30
Headgear Collector Headgear Collector 0 Collect all the hats. 100
It's okay to cry It's okay to cry 0 Die for the first time. 10
You have peaked You have peaked 0 Create an arm circle. 30
Awww man, here we go again Awww man, here we go again 0 Start a second playthrough. 30
Professional struggle Professional struggle 0 Complete the campaign without dying once. 100
Prophet of the Swarm Prophet of the Swarm 0 Get bitten by three rats at the same time. 30
Helping hand Helping hand 0 Make the scientist in need fall. 10
DJ Troy DJ Troy 0 Tell the dancers about your new mixtape. 10
Mission Impossible Mission Impossible 0 Carefully pass the pod room. 30
Fleshy infiltration Fleshy infiltration 0 Get to the abandoned meeting room 30
These rats are chasing These rats are chasing 0 Escape the rat swarm. 10
Chemotherapist Chemotherapist 0 Cure Amadeus. 10
Amadeus full treatment Amadeus full treatment 0 Fully damage Amadeus. 30
King Stealer King Stealer 0 Steal the Rat King's crown. 100
Helping arms Helping arms 0 Escape the acid flooding cave. 10
Sun's out, guns out Sun's out, guns out 0 Reach the secret tanning spot. 100
Double tap Double tap 0 Push your luck in the saloon. 10
Clutch. Clutch. 0 Escape the crashing plane. 10
Psychedelic flying bait Psychedelic flying bait 0 Get baited, son. 10

Secret Achievements

Aquatic Abomination Aquatic Abomination 0 Listen to the water theme song. 10
Elevator repair monster Elevator repair monster 0 Destroy the elevator. 30
I like France I like France 0 Date Paris. 10
A box full of joy! A box full of joy! 0 Date Pandora. 10
Romantic wild ride! Romantic wild ride! 0 Date Ulysses. 10
Escape is the only option... Escape is the only option... 0 Date Patroclus. 10
Super Seducer Super Seducer 0 Date each of Agamemnus' Heads 100
Ancient romance Ancient romance 0 Open the door of the secret tomb. 30