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Spellforce 3 Reforced Achievements

Full list of Spellforce 3 Reforced achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Spellforce 3 Reforced has 65 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Ritualist Ritualist 0 Completed the Mentalist Ritual at Aonir's Blade. 12
Circle of Friends Circle of Friends 0 Rallied all possible companions to your cause. 24
Ancient Creatures Ancient Creatures 0 Learned how to summon Titans. 4
Escape Artist Escape Artist 0 Freed all the prisoners when escaping from the Grey Keep. 12
Long Live the God-King Long Live the God-King 0 Brought a tribute to the God-King. 4
Betrayer's Child After All Betrayer's Child After All 0 Finished Liannon. 4
Dragon Whisperer Dragon Whisperer 0 You fulfilled a task for the Elder Dragon. 4
Old Grudges Old Grudges 0 Dealt with Alistair. 4
A New Hope A New Hope 0 Helped all of the Refugees in Farlorn's Hope. 12
History has its eyes on you History has its eyes on you 0 The fate of Nortander lies in your hands. 12
Baby Steps Baby Steps 0 Got your first level up. 4
Point of No Return Point of No Return 0 Reached hero party level 20 in the campaign. 22
Fit for the Circle Fit for the Circle 0 Reached the maximum hero party level in the campaign. 24
Forgotten Peace Forgotten Peace 0 Unlocked the human faction and upgraded it to the maximum. 12
Don't Cry, Sister Forest Don't Cry, Sister Forest 0 Unlocked the elven faction and upgraded it to the maximum. 12
Rise of Zarach Rise of Zarach 0 Unlocked the orc faction and upgraded it to the maximum. 12
Skirmisher Skirmisher 0 Defeat a human opponent in PvP. 12
Better Together Better Together 0 Played the campaign together with a friend. 4
Practice Makes Perfect Practice Makes Perfect 0 Played a practice skirmish match against the AI. 4
The End The End 0 Beat the SpellForce III campaign. 24
Commander Commander 0 Gained the allegiance of the Wayfarers. 4
Scryer Scryer 0 Gained the allegiance of the Morhir Elves. 4
Chieftain Chieftain 0 Gained the allegiance of the Orcish Firewielders. 4
Savior of Theresa's Meadows Savior of Theresa's Meadows 0 You won the battle for Theresa’s Meadows and put an end to the debacherous Oktoberfest rites. 24
Competitive Trolling Competitive Trolling 0 Win a ranked match playing Trolls. 24
Head-To-Head Head-To-Head 0 Finish any ranked match. 24
Mugwa's Guardian Mugwa's Guardian 0 Summon Mugwa's Cub. 12
Aviarist Aviarist 0 Build every type of Ironbeak at least once. 4
War Bringer War Bringer 0 Succesfully train a War Bringer. 4
Hired Swords Hired Swords 0 Hire a new mercenary. 4
A Toast A Toast 0 Get drunk with Yria. 12
A Date Gone Wrong A Date Gone Wrong 0 First dates can be a scary affair. 24
Ghostbuster Ghostbuster 0 Destroy all vengeful spirits. 24
Diversity Diversity 0 Have all possible companions in your party at least once. 12
Circle Mage Circle Mage 0 Finish the Soul Harvest campaign on Circle Mage difficulty without lowering it once. 48
Introspection Introspection 0 Finish the first dream. 4
Soldier Soldier 0 Kill enemies while playing the campaign. 12
Circle Troll Circle Troll 0 Beat the Fallen God campaign on Circle Mage difficulty. 48
Tinkerer Tinkerer 0 Craft 50 items. 24
Troll Scholar Troll Scholar 0 Collect all Hybernian Writings. 28
Needs of the Many Needs of the Many 0 Finish the Fallen God campaign with the tribe. 48
Two Roads Diverged Two Roads Diverged 0 Finish the Fallen God campaign without the tribe. 48
Noag Confused! Noag Confused! 0 Solve the mosaic puzzle. 24

Secret Achievements

A Generous Soul A Generous Soul 0 Gave more than the bare minimum when asked for help. 4
Prison Break Prison Break 0 Escaped the Grey Keep with a new ally. 4
Cutthroat Cutthroat 0 Sided with the Deathmen in Aonir's Blade. 4
Nostalgic Nostalgic 0 Sided with the Iron Falcons in Aonir's Blade. 4
Lord of Mulandir Lord of Mulandir 0 Claimed Mulandir as your base of operations. 4
Philistine Philistine 0 You annoyed the composer by muting the ingame music. 4
Public Enemy Number One Public Enemy Number One 0 Defeated the Nortander army in the Iskander Wilds. 24
Shaikan Shaikan 0 Slew the Elder Dragon. 12
Scourge of the Working Class Scourge of the Working Class 0 Stop touching the workers! 4
Press F to Pay Respects Press F to Pay Respects 0 If only real life were as simple as that. 4
They Fit Just Right They Fit Just Right 0 Those prisoner clothes really look good on you. 24
Tis But a Scratch Tis But a Scratch 0 Your avatar died. 4
Dwarven Artistry Dwarven Artistry 0 Fully upgraded Isgrimm's armor. 12
Arachnophobe Arachnophobe 0 You were killed by a tiny spider. That's actually pretty impressive. 24
Commander of Farlorn's Hope Commander of Farlorn's Hope 0 Defeated the Orcs in Farlon's Hope without producing extra units. 12
The One Percent The One Percent 0 Look at the credits of your own volition (or because you really want this accomplishment). 56
Lateral Recruiting Lateral Recruiting 0 Sidegrade a Troll unit by sending it to a different school. 4
A Fresh Start A Fresh Start 0 Use a potion to reset your skills and attributes. 12
Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt 0 Successfully open the combination lock on a treasure chest in Windwall Outskirts. 24
Diplomat Diplomat 0 Successfully defuse a dangerous situation using nothing but words. 28
Riddle Master Riddle Master 0 Solve an ancient puzzle. 28
A New-U A New-U 0 Use a Potion of Fresh Start. 18