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Endless Fables: Shadow Within Achievements

Full list of Endless Fables: Shadow Within achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Endless Fables: Shadow Within has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Improviser Improviser 0 You creatively fixed the train door. 30
Storyteller Storyteller 0 You read a fable to a young girl. 30
Detective Inspector Detective Inspector 0 You retraced Agatha's clues. 30
Infiltrator Infiltrator 0 You snuck into the castle. 30
Well-Traveled Well-Traveled 0 You entered another world. 30
Creator of Potions Creator of Potions 0 You smoothly prepared a remedy. 30
Traveller of Dreams Traveller of Dreams 0 You boldly visited through the dreams. 30
Expert of History Expert of History 0 You acquired the knowledge about the Sandman. 30
Envoy of Fluffs Envoy of Fluffs 0 You became a friend of the Fluffs. 30
Builder of Boats Builder of Boats 0 You repaired a flying boat. 30
Defender of Souls Defender of Souls 0 You defended your friend's soul. 30
Lord of Animals Lord of Animals 0 You skillfully avoided the shadogs. 30
Savior of Souls Savior of Souls 0 You saved a nearly lost soul. 30
Protector of Realms Protector of Realms 0 You uniquely defeated the Sandman. 30
Scholar of History Scholar of History 0 You patiently listened to the Fluff's story. 30
Master of Aviation Master of Aviation 0 You flew high up in the sky. 30
Lord of Spies Lord of Spies 0 You dexterously got inside the hive. 30
Savior of Fluffs Savior of Fluffs 0 You've virtuously defeated the Queen of Wasps. 30
Crystal Clear Crystal Clear 0 Finish a Hidden Object Puzzle in 90 seconds. 30
No Stone Unturned No Stone Unturned 0 Finish a Hidden Object Puzzle without any mistakes. 30
Diamond in the Rough Diamond in the Rough 0 Finish a Hidden Object Puzzle without using Hint. 30
Crown Jewel Crown Jewel 0 Finish all Hidden Object Puzzles without any Hints. 50
Run like the Wind Run like the Wind 0 Complete a Minigame in 60 seconds. 30
A Cut Above A Cut Above 0 Complete four Minigames without skipping. 30
Faster than Light Faster than Light 0 Complete four Minigames, each in less than 60 seconds. 30
Heart and Soul Heart and Soul 0 Complete all Minigames without skipping. 50
Puppeteer Puppeteer 0 Collect all figurines. 50
Jigsaw Fanatic Jigsaw Fanatic 0 Collect all puzzle pieces. 50
Patient Listener Patient Listener 0 Play through all story-telling Minigames without skipping. 50
Look Before You Leap Look Before You Leap 0 Open the Map at least once. 30