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Time on Frog Island Achievements

Full list of Time on Frog Island achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Time on Frog Island has 35 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Frogs Legs Frogs Legs 0 Jump 1000 times 10
Yeet! Yeet! 0 Throw 1000 items 10
Sea Legs Sea Legs 0 Walk 10km 10
Shipwrecked! Shipwrecked! 0 Evaluate the damage from the storm 5
Hoist the Sails Hoist the Sails 0 Replace your ripped sail with a new one 25
Secure the Sheets Secure the Sheets 0 Replace your torn rope with a new one 25
Hands on the Helm Hands on the Helm 0 Replace your broken wheel with a new one 25
Replace the Rudder Replace the Rudder 0 Replace your broken rudder with a new one 25
The Journey Continues The Journey Continues 0 Leave the island in your fixed boat 75
Crunch Time Crunch Time 0 Complete the game within 5 (in-game) days 100
Socialite Socialite 0 Speak to every frog on the island 15
Who Even Needs Keys Who Even Needs Keys 0 Obtain the Ice Herb before opening the mountain door 25
One with the frogs One with the frogs 0 Complete every quest and fully build your house 100
Shrub-Seeing: Lights in the sky Shrub-Seeing: Lights in the sky 0 Take your pet plant up the mountain to see the northern lights 20
Shrub-Seeing: Townlife Shrub-Seeing: Townlife 0 Take your pet plant into the town to see the frogs 20
Shrub-Seeing: Ruins of old Shrub-Seeing: Ruins of old 0 Take your pet plant to the western island to see the ruins 20
Shrub-Seeing: Silly Birbs Shrub-Seeing: Silly Birbs 0 Take your pet plant to the western island to see the Dodos 20
Shrub-Seeing: Ancient Extractor Shrub-Seeing: Ancient Extractor 0 Take your pet plant to the eastern island to see the strange ruin 20
Shrub-Seeing: Seen it all! Shrub-Seeing: Seen it all! 0 Take your pet plant to see all the sights 50
Couch-surfing Couch-surfing 0 Sleep in every camp 15
Sailor Swift Sailor Swift 0 Find and complete the hidden time trial 30
No Evil No Evil 0 Complete the frog statue ritual 100
Mad Scientist Mad Scientist 0 Brew your first potion 15
Caught Ya! Caught Ya! 0 Catch your first fish 15
Safe Investment Safe Investment 0 Duplicate a coin by farming it 15
Bank of Me Bank of Me 0 Purchase something from the merchants shop 15
Honey, I'm Home Honey, I'm Home 0 Proudly display a honeycomb in your house 15
What?! What?! 0 Ask a frog about the same item 3 times in a row 15
Return to sender Return to sender 0 Throw an item then grab it with your tongue before it hits the ground 15
Fantastic Fungi Fantastic Fungi 0 Grow every bounce mushroom on the island 15
Vandal Vandal 0 Knock over all of the carefully stacked stones in a day 15
Just Here for the Food Just Here for the Food 0 Complete the tavern questline before accepting any boat pieces 30
Home Sweet Home Home Sweet Home 0 Pay The Carpenter to build all three stages of your house 30
Falling with Style Falling with Style 0 Stay airborne for 7.5 seconds 30
Froggy Friendship Froggy Friendship 0 Complete all of The Cartographer's quests 30