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EVERTRIED Achievements

Full list of EVERTRIED achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

EVERTRIED has 37 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Keeper of Truth Keeper of Truth 0 Unlock All Achievements 160
The Loremaster The Loremaster 0 Unlock every Skill, Skill Upgrade, Enemy and Boss entry in the Towerpedia 55
Master of All Master of All 0 Achieve Final Mastery with all Skills 55
Gotcha Gotcha 0 Clear a floor using only Hazards 15
Resting the Restless Resting the Restless 0 Defeat Ilskgar 15
Cleaning the Smog Cleaning the Smog 0 Defeat Avsladi 15
The Trial Begins The Trial Begins 0 Complete the Tutorial 15
Blaster Blaster 0 Master the Bomb Skill 15
Harpooner Harpooner 0 Master the Converge Skill 15
Witch Witch 0 Master the Curse Skill 15
Illusionist Illusionist 0 Master the Decoy Skill 15
Untouchable Untouchable 0 Master the Disperse Skill 15
Blademaster Blademaster 0 Master the Divine Blade Skill 15
Druid Druid 0 Master the Healing Rune Skill 15
Rammer Rammer 0 Master the Heavy Swing Skill 15
Acrobat Acrobat 0 Master the Grappling Hook Skill 15
Cryomancer Cryomancer 0 Master the Ice Pillar Skill 15
Ethereal Ethereal 0 Master the Light Feet Skill 15
Enlighted Enlighted 0 Master the Meditate Skill 15
Gambler Gambler 0 Master the Roulette Skill 15
Beastmaster Beastmaster 0 Master the Tame Skill 15
Stormcaller Stormcaller 0 Master the Thunder Orb Skill 15
Alchemist Alchemist 0 Master the Transmutation Skill 15
Hunter Hunter 0 Master the Trap Skill 15
Engineer Engineer 0 Master the Turret Skill 15
Spacebender Spacebender 0 Master the Warp Portal Skill 15
Wielder of Fate Wielder of Fate 0 Master the Wild Conjuration Skill 15

Secret Achievements

And Beyond! And Beyond! 0 Reach Floor 100 in Endless Mode 30
Best Feral Friends Best Feral Friends 0 Tame every enemy in the game at least once 15
Chaos Uprising Chaos Uprising 0 Slay Naskalla 55
Final Rest Final Rest 0 Beat the game on Hard Mode 55
Ascended Soul Ascended Soul 0 Finish the game without acquiring any items or destroying Forskydda 55
Even Gods Must Fall Even Gods Must Fall 0 Defeat Naskalla, The God of Order 55
Mirror Match Mirror Match 0 Defeat The Wanderer 30
Pulling the Plug Pulling the Plug 0 Survive Forskydda 30
Smashing the Wall Smashing the Wall 0 Destroy Forskydda 30
Not Alone Not Alone 0 Meet every NPC 15