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Ember: Console Edition Achievements

Full list of Ember: Console Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ember: Console Edition has 22 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Reunited and It Feels So Good! Reunited and It Feels So Good! 0 Found Fia and returned her to her Lantern. 50
Escape from the Barrows Escape from the Barrows 0 Escaped from the Barrows and entered the world of Domus. 50
Meet an Old Friend Meet an Old Friend 0 Encountered the Darkbringer in Darkwood. 40
Hammer of the Gods Hammer of the Gods 0 Met the Goblin King deep within the Goblin Library. 40
Where the Shadows Hide Where the Shadows Hide 0 Infiltrated the Thieves Guild and found their Leader. 40
Searching for the Soulless Searching for the Soulless 0 Met the nefarious Necromancer carrying out experiments in the Bog of Souls. 40
Bastille Day Bastille Day 0 Stopped Prince Syrion's evil plans. 50
Becoming Whole Becoming Whole 0 Found your heart and made your Lightbringer whole. 40
Viking Funeral Viking Funeral 0 Burned the Blue Whale. 40
Just Keep Swimming Just Keep Swimming 0 Settled things with the Fish Co. peacefully. 40
Shrine On! Shrine On! 0 Restored the Giant Cliffs Shrine. 40
Spit Shrine Spit Shrine 0 Restored the Sanctuary Shrine. 40
Shrine Like a Diamond Shrine Like a Diamond 0 Restored the Ember Mines Shrine. 40
Keep Shrining on Me Keep Shrining on Me 0 Restored the Shrine beneath Radiance. 40
A Thief in the Ranks A Thief in the Ranks 0 Recruited Zannon to join your party. 40
Deathbringer Deathbringer 0 Unleashed a horrifying doom upon the world. 40
What Happened to the Dragons? What Happened to the Dragons? 0 Discovered what has happened to Moros, the prospective Dragon Hunter. 40
The Cult Lies Beneath The Cult Lies Beneath 0 Dealt with the mysterious cult living in the sewers below the City of Light. 40
A Lost Soul A Lost Soul 0 Discovered what has happened to Gloria and her missing husband Davey. 50
A Blade of Legend A Blade of Legend 0 Acquired a mystical, long lost weapon of Lightbringer lore. 50

Secret Achievements

A Race Reborn A Race Reborn 0 Finished Ember. 100
Tips Appreciated Tips Appreciated 0 Tipped the Five Lanterns Band. 50