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Rover Mechanic Simulator Achievements

Full list of Rover Mechanic Simulator achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Rover Mechanic Simulator has 24 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

I am a mechanic! I am a mechanic! 0 Finished the tutorial orders. 20
First blood! First blood! 0 Repaired Sojourner 100
MER Twins MER Twins 0 Repaired rovers of both MER missions 50
EHS? I Don't Care! EHS? I Don't Care! 0 Destroyed the first-aid kit in the crusher 30
There is always one left! There is always one left! 0 Removed 1000 screws. 60
I'm a technician! I'm a technician! 0 Unlocked all technician skills 50
I'm an economist! I'm an economist! 0 Unlocked all economist skills 50
I'm an analyst! I'm an analyst! 0 Unlocked all analyst skills 50
I LOVE RETRO! I LOVE RETRO! 0 Installed a mini-game 20
Sergeant Sergeant 0 Rised to the rank of Sergant! 60
Lieutenant Lieutenant 0 Rised to the rank of Lieutenant! 50
Captain! Captain! 0 Rised to the rank of Captain! 50
Major! Major! 0 Rised to the rank of Major! 50
Colonel! Colonel! 0 Rised to the rank of Colonel! 50
General! General! 0 You became the General of the Space Force 50
The Piles of Resources! The Piles of Resources! 0 Earned 100 000 Resources 30
Fly me to the Mars. Fly me to the Mars. 0 Repaired Ingenuity 30
Curious? Curious? 0 Repaired Curiosity 30
Gift Gift 0 Received gift from Jasmine 20
Alarm! Alarm! 0 Runned away! 30
Give me back my money! Give me back my money! 0 Salvaged resources from 100 parts 30
Golden Wheel Awards! Golden Wheel Awards! 0 Got a reward for repair wheel 30
Radioactive Radioactive 0 Repaired reactor in Curiosity 30
PRINTER PRINTER 0 Printed 250 parts 30