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Medieval Dynasty Achievements

Full list of Medieval Dynasty achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Medieval Dynasty has 44 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

M'Lady M'Lady 0 Have a Wife. 10
Firstborn Firstborn 0 Have an Heir. 15
The Dynasty Continues The Dynasty Continues 0 Play as an Heir. 20
Show me the money! Show me the money! 0 Have 1000000 Coins. 50
Closure Closure 0 Finish the main quest. 30
A helping hand A helping hand 0 Complete 100 side quests. 50
Village Manager Village Manager 0 Have at least 50 inhabitants. 30
I will pay next month, I swear I will pay next month, I swear 0 Have a tax debt of at least 5000 coins. 10
Must have been the wind Must have been the wind 0 Sell 50 of the stolen goods during one dynasty. 20
It wasn't me! It wasn't me! 0 Get caught stealing for the first time. 10
I may not be good at it after all... I may not be good at it after all... 0 Get caught stealing 50 times during one dynasty. 20
A new home A new home 0 Build your first house. 10
Hunting Royale Hunting Royale 0 Kill every type of wild animal during one dynasty. 50
I... am not... drunk I... am not... drunk 0 Be drunk (100%). 10
I wasn't even looking I wasn't even looking 0 Hit the archery target and get 100 or more points. 20
Strider Strider 0 Visit every village during one dynasty. 20
Warm-blooded Warm-blooded 0 Survive winter with no clothes on. 50
Caveman Caveman 0 Have mines built on every cave on the map. 40
My Stumps My Stumps 0 Remove 100 stumps. 40
Hermitage Hermitage 0 Reach Hermitage development level. 10
Camp Camp 0 Reach Camp development level. 15
Small Farm Small Farm 0 Reach Small Farm development level. 20
Farm Farm 0 Reach Farm development level. 25
Hamlet Hamlet 0 Reach Hamlet development level. 30
Settlement Settlement 0 Reach Settlement development level. 35
Village Village 0 Reach Village development level. 40
Town Town 0 Reach Town development level. 45
City City 0 Reach City development level. 50
Master of Extraction Master of Extraction 0 Get level 10 in Extraction. 10
Master of Hunting Master of Hunting 0 Get level 10 in Hunting. 10
Master of Farming Master of Farming 0 Get level 10 in Farming. 10
Master of Diplomacy Master of Diplomacy 0 Get level 10 in Diplomacy. 10
Master of Survival Master of Survival 0 Get level 10 in Survival. 10
Master of Production Master of Production 0 Get level 10 in Production." 10
I wonder how many I can fit... I wonder how many I can fit... 0 Get 12 status effects at once. 10
Look at my mount Look at my mount 0 Get a mount. 10
Harvestin' season Harvestin' season 0 Harvest a field bigger than 6x6. 10
Dirty Henry Dirty Henry 0 Be 100% dirty. 10
Hedgehog Hedgehog 0 Impale an animal with 4 spears while it's still alive. 20
Happy wife, happy life Happy wife, happy life 0 Give your wife gifts for 2 following years. 10
Let's break a stick! Let's break a stick! 0 Get your first inhabitant. 10
Well earned rest Well earned rest 0 Sleep in your bed every night for the entire year. 10
Oopsie daisy Oopsie daisy 0 Die. 5

Secret Achievements

LumberJACKED LumberJACKED 0 Finish the quest by bringing 1000 logs. 70