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Airborne Kingdom Achievements

Full list of Airborne Kingdom achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Airborne Kingdom has 30 achievements worth 1200 gamerscore

A Small Community A Small Community 0 Reach the status of Airborne Community 25
Settling the Skies Settling the Skies 0 Reach the status of Airborne Settlement 25
It Takes a Village It Takes a Village 0 Reach the status of Airborne Village 25
On the Town On the Town 0 Reach the status of Airborne Town 25
Worthy of the Title Worthy of the Title 0 Reach the status of Airborne Kingdom 25
A Learned Scholar A Learned Scholar 0 Construct the Great Library 50
A Wanderer’s Guide A Wanderer’s Guide 0 Construct the Nomad’s Orrery 50
A Peaceful Respite A Peaceful Respite 0 Construct the Tranquil Gardens 50
Glowing Waters Glowing Waters 0 Find all the dyes 50
Sparkling Alloys Sparkling Alloys 0 Find all the metals 50
Relic Finder Relic Finder 0 Purchase every Blueprint 25
Knowledge Seeker Knowledge Seeker 0 Complete all Research 50
Prophecy Fulfilled Prophecy Fulfilled 0 Return the Tapestry 50
A True Challenge A True Challenge 0 Return the Tapestry on Hard Difficulty 100
The Cycle Continues The Cycle Continues 0 Return the Tapestry on New Game+ 100

Secret Achievements

A Grove Replanted A Grove Replanted 0 Ally with the Kingdom of Rutula 25
Fields Watered Fields Watered 0 Ally with the Fields of Agrómaz 25
Seekers Found Seekers Found 0 Ally with Kan’tis Crossing 25
Wind Powered Wind Powered 0 Ally with Mehlia Passage 25
Travelers Returned Travelers Returned 0 Ally with Ashrock Landing 25
Islands Connected Islands Connected 0 Ally with the Broken Isles 25
Pyre Ignited Pyre Ignited 0 Ally with Elysian Cape 25
Harp Tuned Harp Tuned 0 Ally with Khora Bay 25
Hopes Hoisted Hopes Hoisted 0 Ally with Crag Perch 25
Knowledge Shared Knowledge Shared 0 Ally with Jukar Lookout 25
Irons Scorched Irons Scorched 0 Ally with Mohnem’s Foundry 25
Daylight Found Daylight Found 0 Ally with Bluff’s Gateway 25

Airborne Kingdom - The Lost Tundra

There are 3 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Savior in the Frost Savior in the Frost 0 Rescue all the Explorers in The Lost Tundra 50
Hardened Savior Hardened Savior 0 Rescue the Tundra Explorers in Hard Mode with Default Town Center 100
Ancient Sculptor Ancient Sculptor 0 Build all the Statue Wonders 50