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Ring of Pain Achievements

Full list of Ring of Pain achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ring of Pain has 138 achievements worth 1555 gamerscore

Poor Choices Poor Choices 0 Killed by equipping items 10
Willing the World Willing the World 0 Have 60+ Clarity 10
Predator Predator 0 Have 60+ Speed 15
Gigantic Gigantic 0 Have 100+ max Health 15
First Steps First Steps 0 Complete the Tutorial 5
Defeat The Dark Defeat The Dark 0 Kill 100 creatures 5
Destroy Your Fears Destroy Your Fears 0 Kill 1000 creatures 10
The Bestiary The Bestiary 0 Kill 20 different types of creatures in a single game 10
R.I.P R.I.P 0 Die 25 times 5
Dead Revels Dead Revels 0 Die 250 times 10
C-C-Combo C-C-Combo 0 Kill multiple creatures in a single turn 50 times 5
Heavy Hitter Heavy Hitter 0 Deal 25+ damage in a single attack 5
Max Damage! Max Damage! 0 Deal 99+ damage in a single attack 10
Getting A Glimpse Getting A Glimpse 0 Reach a depth of 6 5
Delving Deeper Delving Deeper 0 Reach a depth of 12 5
Berzerker Berzerker 0 Have 60+ Attack 10
Juggernaut Juggernaut 0 Have 60+ Defense 10
Resourceful Resourceful 0 Spend 100+ Souls with Soul Spill 5
Shootout Shootout 0 Kill a Bilebag from a distance 5
All Consuming All Consuming 0 Kill a Wretched Amalgam that has 50+ max health 10
What's Yours Is Mine What's Yours Is Mine 0 Kill 20 Scroungers 5
Goodbye, Frog Friend Goodbye, Frog Friend 0 Kill a cute, harmless frog 5
I Am Overburdened I Am Overburdened 0 Have a full inventory 5
Toxic Toxic 0 Poison 50 creatures 5
Cold Hearted Cold Hearted 0 Freeze 50 creatures 5
Shapeshifting Shapeshifting 0 Transform 20 creatures 5
Deflection Deflection 0 Parry 50 creatures 5
That Was Quick That Was Quick 0 Die within 30 seconds of starting a run 5
Save Our Souls Save Our Souls 0 Have 500+ Souls 5
Flesh Wound Flesh Wound 0 Go from full Health to 1 Health in a single turn 10
Chain Reaction Chain Reaction 0 Have 5 creatures explode in one turn 5
Stop Hitting Yourself Stop Hitting Yourself 0 Kill 10 creatures with reflect damage 5
Heartless Heartless 0 Kill a Pupper 5
Good Boys Good Boys 0 Pacify 25 Hounds 15
Just Looking Around Just Looking Around 0 Reach Depth 6 without attacking a creature 10
Consecutive Curses Consecutive Curses 0 Get cursed by potions 3 consecutive times 5
Ambitious Intent Ambitious Intent 0 Attack Owl friend 5
New Perspectives New Perspectives 0 Shuffle 10+ times in a single run 5
A Week Attempt A Week Attempt 0 Play 7 Daily Dungeons 15
Snake Sneak Snake Sneak 0 Stealth past 10 Banefangs 5
Hydrophobe Hydrophobe 0 Reach depth 6 without drinking any potions 10
Never Too Many Hats Never Too Many Hats 0 Equip 8 different Head slot items in one playthrough 10
Colorful Corpse Colorful Corpse 0 Die with Rainbow Socks equipped 5
A Quick Escape A Quick Escape 0 Exit a room without attacking any creatures 5
Uncharted Territory Uncharted Territory 0 Discover a new path 5
Explorer Explorer 0 Discover 10 new paths 5
Antivenom Antivenom 0 Poison 10 Banefangs 5
Don't Ignore Me! Don't Ignore Me! 0 Kill a Shrieker 10
An Offering An Offering 0 Use a Shrine 5
Sneaky Sneaky 0 Successfully Stealth past 10 different creatures in a single game 5
Shadow Walker Shadow Walker 0 Successfully Stealth past 100 different creatures 10
Fragile Mortality Fragile Mortality 0 Reduce your max health to 1 with the Fountain of Life 10
Sprinter Sprinter 0 Complete a run in under 18 minutes 10
Power Score Power Score 0 Get a score of over 9000 in a Daily Dungeon 10
Champion of the Day Champion of the Day 0 Complete a Daily Dungeon 15
No Mercy No Mercy 0 Reach Depth 12 having killed all creatures on the way 10
Master of Strategy Master of Strategy 0 Complete a run without any Epic or Legendary items equipped 10
Achievement Hunter Achievement Hunter 0 Unlock 70 Achievements 20
Obsessed Obsessed 0 Complete a run 5 times 15
Doing Time Doing Time 0 Play the game for 10 hours 5
Quick Descent Quick Descent 0 Complete a run after travelling down a deep pit 10
A Rock And A Hard Place A Rock And A Hard Place 0 Kill a Stone Shifter in Hard Mode 15
Trail Of Death Trail Of Death 0 Kill 10,000 creatures 15
Thank You, Friend Thank You, Friend 0 Accept 100 items from Owl 5
Explosive Betrayal Explosive Betrayal 0 Kill 3 Fire Breeds with an explosion 15
A Donation A Donation 0 Make a wish 5
Spreading Plague Spreading Plague 0 Poison 300 creatures 10
Dig Your Own Grave Dig Your Own Grave 0 Die to a gravestone 5
Just Chilling Just Chilling 0 Freeze 200 creatures 10
Martial Master Martial Master 0 Complete a run without using any Scrolls or Spellbooks 15
Become The Nightmare Become The Nightmare 0 Intimidate 250 creatures 10
Fire Away! Fire Away! 0 Teleport or knockback an explosive creature 50 times 10
Need An Antidote? Need An Antidote? 0 Have 20 Poison on yourself 15
Powerful Potion Powerful Potion 0 Heal 50+ with one potion 10
Not What I Meant Not What I Meant 0 Kill Sam and spare the companions 10
No Swapsies No Swapsies 0 Complete a run without replacing any equipped items 25
Clearing The Room Clearing The Room 0 Kill 10+ creatures in one turn 10
Quick To Pick Quick To Pick 0 Complete a run without using any rerolls 20
For Science For Science 0 Hex a frog 5
Ignoring Midgame Ignoring Midgame 0 Complete a run without ever equipping a Rare or Epic item 20
Mastermind Mastermind 0 Complete a run without ever equipping an Epic or Legendary item 30
Minimalist Minimalist 0 Complete a run with 4 or fewer items equipped 20
Blizzard Blizzard 0 Kill an Ancient Ice Beast which has more than 30 Defense 20

Secret Achievements

Illuminate, Eliminate Illuminate, Eliminate 0 Complete the Light Ending 10
Shadow Spreads Shadow Spreads 0 Complete the Dark Ending 10
Who To Trust? Who To Trust? 0 Choose your final path 10
Grave Digger Grave Digger 0 Dig up an item in the Graveyard 5
A Long Climb A Long Climb 0 Reach Depth 12 on Hard difficulty 10
Overthrown Overthrown 0 Defeat the Owl on Hard difficulty 25
New Game+ New Game+ 0 Die in Hard Mode 5
Well Prepared Well Prepared 0 Reach the boss on maximum health 10
Hanging On Hanging On 0 Reach the boss with less than 20% health remaining 10
To The Death! To The Death! 0 Die to a boss 5
You Call That A Knife? You Call That A Knife? 0 Complete a run with the Spoon 10
A Hard Carry A Hard Carry 0 Fully upgrade the Spoon 30
Down Under Down Under 0 Complete a run with Inverted Candle 20
Illuminate, Annihilate Illuminate, Annihilate 0 Complete the Light Ending on Hard difficulty 25
Challenge Increases Challenge Increases 0 Complete the Dark Ending on Medium difficulty 15
Path To Enlightenment Path To Enlightenment 0 Complete the Light Ending on Medium difficulty 15

Ring of Pain - Time Weaver

There are 11 achievements with a total of 170 points.

Acid Bath Acid Bath 0 Get Poisoned twice in one turn 5
Precious Precious 0 Complete a run without discarding any items 25
Stone Touch Stone Touch 0 Petrify 50 creatures 5
Near Death Experience Near Death Experience 0 Complete a run with 5 or less max Health 25
Masochist Masochist 0 Complete a run with 0 or less Defense 25
Soul Stash Soul Stash 0 Have 2000+ Souls 15
Only The Best Only The Best 0 Complete a run without ever equipping a Common item 25
Here Comes The Airplane Here Comes The Airplane 0 Hit Owl with a spoon 5
Barbecue Barbecue 0 Get hit by 20 explosions in one run 15
Spine Breaker Spine Breaker 0 Kill a Spineback while its spines are exposed 5

Secret Achievements

The Tickler The Tickler 0 Complete a run with 0 or less Attack 20

Ring of Pain - Community Content Update

There are 12 achievements with a total of 155 points.

Disposal Disposal 0 Destroy 20 equipped items in one run 15
Defuser Defuser 0 Transform a Firebead that was about to self-destruct 5
Friend of Vermin Friend of Vermin 0 Reach depth 10 without hurting a Gnawling 10
Nudie Run Nudie Run 0 Complete a run without ever equipping any Body, Head, Arms, Legs or Feet items 25
The Boulder The Boulder 0 Kill all enemies in a dungeon with the rock 15
Walk It Off Walk It Off 0 Escape fatal poison damage by leaving dungeon 5
The Long Run The Long Run 0 Use 35 Exit cards of any type in a single run 20
Nothing To Lose Nothing To Lose 0 Get cursed while at 1 health 5
Tunnel Vision Tunnel Vision 0 Complete a run without entering any special dungeons (only use the black exits) 25
Decisions, Decisions Decisions, Decisions 0 Reroll 30 times in a single run 10
Sentimental Value Sentimental Value 0 Complete a run with the first item equipped 10
A Rough Road A Rough Road 0 Reach Depth 12 on Medium difficulty 10

Ring of Pain - Multiclass Update

There are 16 achievements with a total of 230 points.

What Doesn't Kill You What Doesn't Kill You 0 Survive a total of 60+ damage in a single Nest or Swamp dungeon 10
Scrounger Appreciation Scrounger Appreciation 0 Complete a run without killing a Scrounger 10
Matching Matching 0 Wear items of the same set in the Head, Body, Legs, and Feet slots 5
Raw Power Raw Power 0 Kill a boss without any items equipped 10
Nuclear Nuclear 0 Kill all creatures in a core path dungeon on the first turn 10
Dominant Twin Dominant Twin 0 Kill a creature with exactly the same stats as you 10
Explosives Expert Explosives Expert 0 Complete a run without taking any explode damage 20
All Natural All Natural 0 Complete a run without gaining any stats from Stat Boosts 20
Expensive Look Expensive Look 0 Spend more than 200 Souls rerolling a chest and then discard it 5
Not Touching You Not Touching You 0 Kill a boss without ever attacking them directly 20
Who Needs Luck? Who Needs Luck? 0 Complete a run with your Stealth, Crit and Dodge chance lower than 10% 20
Multiclass Multiclass 0 Complete a run with only Multiclass items equipped 30
Brute Brute 0 Complete a run with only Brute items equipped 15
Stalker Stalker 0 Complete a run with only Stalker items equipped 15
Diviner Diviner 0 Complete a run with only Diviner items equipped 15
Soul Kin Soul Kin 0 Complete a run with only Soul Kin items equipped 15