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Rescue HQ - The Tycoon Achievements

Full list of Rescue HQ - The Tycoon achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Rescue HQ - The Tycoon has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Pain Train The Pain Train 0 Successfully complete the Train Wreck emergency in the Berlin Scenario. 90
Maximum Aggression Maximum Aggression 0 Successfully complete the Stronghold emergency in the SF scenario. 90
High Competence High Competence 0 Own a level 3 crew of every specialization (fire, police, medic). 30
Build Frenzy Build Frenzy 0 Have a room on every available tile in any scenario. 30
Ready for the Worst Ready for the Worst 0 Reach 100 crew members. 30
Air Support Wing Air Support Wing 0 Own all three helicopters in a single scenario. 30
In High Regard In High Regard 0 Reach the highest reputation cap in a scenario. 90
Slush Funds Slush Funds 0 Get your first grant. 15
I Fought The Law And … I Fought The Law And … 0 Get your first suspect processed. 15
Heroic Action Heroic Action 0 Successfully complete an emergency with less than 20% success chance. 30
Wealthy beyond belief Wealthy beyond belief 0 Have 1.000.000 T during a single scenario (not Sandbox) 30
Access All Areas Access All Areas 0 Unlock every available item during a single scenario. 90
The Anthill The Anthill 0 Have more than 150 crew members 90
Rule of Law Rule of Law 0 Have more than 60 police crew 30
Underfunded Underfunded 0 Lose due to bankruptcy 15
Forsaken Forsaken 0 Lose due to not having any more crew left 15
Disgruntled Disgruntled 0 First crew member quits 10
Early Retirement Early Retirement 0 Finish San Francisco Hard with more than 1.000.000 T 90
Peak Performance Peak Performance 0 Finish a scenario with 100% success rate 90
California Love California Love 0 Successfully finish San Francisco Normal 90