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Cricket 22 Achievements

Full list of Cricket 22 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Cricket 22 has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Called It Called It 0 You called a coin toss correctly. 15
Perfection Perfection 0 You bowled a ball with Perfect timing. 15
Well Travelled Well Travelled 0 You played a match in 3 different countries. 15
Incoming! Incoming! 0 You made a throw using the direct hit throw mechanic. 15
Go Fetch! Go Fetch! 0 You hit a six into the crowd. 15
This is Cricket This is Cricket 0 You completed the first time player tutorial. 15
How the Turntables How the Turntables 0 You dismissed a specialist Bowler while bowling with a specialist Batter. 15
Ashes Cricketer Ashes Cricketer 0 You played a match in the Ashes mode. 20
Bring the BOOM! Bring the BOOM! 0 You played a match in the Big Bash League or Women's Big Bash League 15
You Can Count On It You Can Count On It 0 You played a match in The Hundred mode 15
Carnival Season Carnival Season 0 You played a match in CPL mode. 15
Go Your Own Way Go Your Own Way 0 You played a match in a custom competition. 15
Take the Call Take the Call 0 You finished your first call with your manager in Career Mode. 15
Gym Junkie Gym Junkie 0 You completed 5 training sessions in the Gym. 15
Net Benefit Net Benefit 0 You completed 5 nets training sessions. 15
Cheque This Out Cheque This Out 0 You were awarded the cheque for being Player of the Match in Career Mode. 20
My Job Here Is Done My Job Here Is Done 0 You won a match in career mode without the career player batting or bowling. 15
Sponsored Content Sponsored Content 0 You got your first sponsor in career mode. 15
Leave it to me! Leave it to me! 0 You got all 10 wickets in an innings with a single bowler. 40
Catch-22 Catch-22 0 You took 22 catches in any game mode. 40
Unbeatable! Unbeatable! 0 You won 10 matches in a row. 40
Settle the Score Settle the Score 0 You scored the winning runs in a Test Match in Career Mode. 40
Pressed for Answers Pressed for Answers 0 You faced a press conference in Career Mode. 40
Domesticated Domesticated 0 You debuted in Domestic level cricket in Career Mode. 40
Successful Campaign Successful Campaign 0 You won the Men's or Women's Ashes in Ashes Mode. 80
League Legends League Legends 0 You won a tournament playing as a team in BBL, WBBL, The Hundred or CPLT20 modes. 80
Cap in Hand Cap in Hand 0 You reached International Level in Career Mode. 80
Seasoned Performer Seasoned Performer 0 You topped of an individual performance leaderboard at the end of a T20 League Tournament in Career. 80
Stocking the Shelves Stocking the Shelves 0 You have 5 different trophies/awards in the career trophy cabinet. 80
Distance Runner Distance Runner 0 You scored 500 runs running between wickets across all game modes. 80