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My Singing Monsters Playground Achievements

Full list of My Singing Monsters Playground achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

My Singing Monsters Playground has 32 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Overachiever Overachiever 0 Unlock all Achievements 200
Up, Up and Away! Up, Up and Away! 0 Reach 150 in Blast Off 75
Can't touch this Can't touch this 0 Win Without taking a hit in Molten Madness 75
I'm The Bestiest! I'm The Bestiest! 0 Finish 20 game tournament in 1st 25
Collection Complete Collection Complete 0 Unlock all Decorations 75
Passion for fashion Passion for fashion 0 Unlock all Costumes 100
Lumberjack Lumberjack 0 Win at Driftwood on hard 20
Pure Skill Pure Skill 0 Win without any boosts in Monster Rally 25
Is That All You Got? Is That All You Got? 0 Reach 25 in gauntlet 50
Jumps Only Jumps Only 0 Win without moving (jumps only) in Hazardous Hurdle 50
Can't Dodge This Can't Dodge This 0 Land 8 hits in Battle Ball by yourself 25
Hungry, Hungry, Snowball Hungry, Hungry, Snowball 0 Absorb everyone in Snow Rollers 25
2 for 1 2 for 1 0 Land a double hit in Punch a Bunch 20
Slime of Your Life Slime of Your Life 0 Capture all players in less than 10 seconds in Tilt a Slime 25
Night Light Night Light 0 Don't get thumped on hard in Glowbe in the Dark 20
Dodge and Weave Dodge and Weave 0 Win without taking any hits in Rocket Punch 25
I'm The Bestest! I'm The Bestest! 0 Finish 15 game tournament in 1st 15
Stunless Champ Stunless Champ 0 Don't get stunned in Hectic Hexes and win 10
First Prize First Prize 0 Get your first prize 10
Wrong Way Wrong Way 0 Get run over in Thumpede in less than 2 seconds 10
I Had To Try I Had To Try 0 Play a gauntlet 10
OT OT 0 Win Pastry Puck in Overtime 10
No Bumps Allowed No Bumps Allowed 0 Win with no bumping in Color Bumper 10
Off the rack Off the rack 0 Try on a Costume 10
Bopless Bopless 0 Don't get stunned in Dipster Bop 10
25 Ways to Play 25 Ways to Play 0 Unlock all 25 games 10
I'm The Best! I'm The Best! 0 Finish 10 game tournament in 1st 10
Is There No One Else! Is There No One Else! 0 Win a 3 v 1 game as the solo player 10
Singing Monster, Corner Pocket Singing Monster, Corner Pocket 0 Sink a player in your hole Bank Shot 10
Master Bouncer Master Bouncer 0 Score 7 bounces in Bouncin Around 10
I Like Apples I Like Apples 0 Collect 60 apples in Apple Grapple 10
Sooo, close Sooo, close 0 Come in second in Keep Away 10