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FATAL FRAME: Maiden of Black Water Achievements

Full list of FATAL FRAME: Maiden of Black Water achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

FATAL FRAME: Maiden of Black Water has 39 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Frame Fatalist Frame Fatalist 0 Unlocked all achievements in "FATAL FRAME: Maiden of Black Water." 100
Upgrade Ultraist Upgrade Ultraist 0 Made maximum upgrades to camera and lenses. 60
Peerless Perfectionist Peerless Perfectionist 0 Cleared all episodes with a top rating. 60
Crazed Completist Crazed Completist 0 Cleared all episodes with a 100% completion rate. 60
Record Reaper Record Reaper 0 Collected all files. 30
Glancing Great Glancing Great 0 Glanced all targets. 30
Second Sight Second Sight 0 Photographed all specters. 30
Clairvoyant Clairvoyant 0 Photographed all traces. 30
Black-Water Bester Black-Water Bester 0 Defeated 30 ghosts while tainted. 30
Optimal Opportunist Optimal Opportunist 0 Took 100 Shutter Chance shots. 30
Fatal Frame Fiend Fatal Frame Fiend 0 Took 100 Fatal Frame shots. 30
One to Nothing One to Nothing 0 Defeated a ghost in one shot. 15
Vengeance Evader Vengeance Evader 0 Dodged a ghost hand 5 times. 15
Extra Exorcism Extra Exorcism 0 Defeated multiple ghosts simultaneously. 15
Contest Contender Contest Contender 0 Opened Snap Mode for the first time. 15
Exorcism Embarkation Exorcism Embarkation 0 Defeated a ghost for the first time. 15

Secret Achievements

Top Type-07 Talent Top Type-07 Talent 0 Defeated Ose Kurosawa using only Type-07 Film. 30
Black Water Bride Black Water Bride 0 Completed all endings as Yuri. 30
Love after Life Love after Life 0 Completed all bride endings as Ren. 30
Floral Reminiscence Floral Reminiscence 0 Completed all Shiragiku endings as Ren. 30
Missing Mother, Missing Child Missing Mother, Missing Child 0 Completed all endings as Miu. 30
Thread Treader Thread Treader 0 Completed ending as Ayane. 30
Lurking in the Deep Lurking in the Deep 0 Cleared the Prologue. 15
A Vanishing Trace A Vanishing Trace 0 Cleared the First Drop. 15
Mt. Hikami Mt. Hikami 0 Cleared the Second Drop. 15
Postmortem Photography Postmortem Photography 0 Cleared the Third Drop. 15
Spirited Away Spirited Away 0 Cleared the Fourth Drop. 15
The Veiled House The Veiled House 0 Cleared the Fifth Drop. 15
Immortal Flower Immortal Flower 0 Cleared the Sixth Drop. 15
Maiden of Black Water Maiden of Black Water 0 Cleared the Seventh Drop. 15
The Witching Hour The Witching Hour 0 Cleared the Eighth Drop. 15
The Sacred Casket The Sacred Casket 0 Cleared the Ninth Drop. 15
Ghost Marriage Ghost Marriage 0 Cleared the Tenth Drop. 15
The Shadowborn The Shadowborn 0 Cleared the Eleventh Drop. 15
To the Other Side To the Other Side 0 Cleared the Twelfth Drop. 15
The Dark Sun The Dark Sun 0 Cleared the Thirteenth Drop. 15
Burst Shooter Burst Shooter 0 Photographed the same subject 10 times in a row. 15
Unusual Usage Unusual Usage 0 Took a psychic photograph with Type-00 Film. 15
Glutton Glutton 0 Consumed Herbal Medicine 20 times within a single episode. 15