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Real Farm - Premium Edition Achievements

Full list of Real Farm - Premium Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Real Farm - Premium Edition has 15 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Learn the basics Learn the basics 0 Finish the 'Learning the basics' job. 10
A full horse stable A full horse stable 0 Own 5 vehicles. 25
Nothing without his tools Nothing without his tools 0 Own 5 attachments. 25
Your very own farm Your very own farm 0 Buy the farm in career mode. 50
Land owner Land owner 0 Buy 10 fields. 25
Debt free Debt free 0 Pay off your debt in career mode. 50
Job hopper Job hopper 0 Do at least one job for all farmers in career mode. 15
Apparatus Apparatus 0 Own 20 pieces of equipment. 50
Real farmer Real farmer 0 Work on the fields for five hours in a single save game. 50
Sit back and relax Sit back and relax 0 Have 10 workers doing a job at the same time. 50
Contracter Contracter 0 Succesfully complete 100 jobs. 150
Seigneur Seigneur 0 Own all fields. 200
Halfway there Halfway there 0 Have 500000 on your account. 50
Millionairre Millionairre 0 Have 1000000 on your account. 100

Secret Achievements

Busy work Busy work 0 Succesfully complete 50 jobs. 150