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The Last Stand: Aftermath Achievements

Full list of The Last Stand: Aftermath achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Last Stand: Aftermath has 35 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Beginning of The End The Beginning of The End 0 Completed the tutorial 10
A Breath of Fresh Air A Breath of Fresh Air 0 Reached The Mountains 25
Fetid Waters Fetid Waters 0 Reached The Sunken City 25
Ash & Ember Ash & Ember 0 Reached Hell 25
No Man's Land No Man's Land 0 Survived in No Man's Land 10
Rank: Novice Rank: Novice 0 Reached Level 10 5
Rank: Journeyman Rank: Journeyman 0 Reached Level 50 10
Rank: Veteran Rank: Veteran 0 Reached Level 100 20
A Death in the Aftermath A Death in the Aftermath 0 Killed a Volunteer 5
For Whom the Bell Tolls For Whom the Bell Tolls 0 Killed 10 Volunteers 10
One Wrong Move... One Wrong Move... 0 Triggered a trap⸲ with fatal consequences 5
Genomic Anomoly Genomic Anomoly 0 Acquired a mutation 10
Upskilling Upskilling 0 Spent Knowledge points to max out a skill upgrade 25
Shakey Ground Shakey Ground 0 Killed a Charger 25
Spit'n'Roll Spit'n'Roll 0 Killed a Spitter 20
Can't Pin Me Down Can't Pin Me Down 0 Killed a Leaper 20
Explosive Potential Explosive Potential 0 Killed a Burster 10
Fire Away Fire Away 0 Killed a Flamer 25
Walking Tank Walking Tank 0 Killed an Armored Charger 50
No Mercy No Mercy 0 Killed 1000 Infected 50
Stand Your Grand Stand Your Grand 0 Survived a Horde 20
Diamond in the Rough Diamond in the Rough 0 Interacted with a Supply Cache 5
Knowledge is Power Knowledge is Power 0 Collected 100 Knowledge 20
Call of the Wild Call of the Wild 0 Discovered the modified HERC device 25
Open the Gates Open the Gates 0 Opened the gates at the HERC checkpoint 100
Signals Over the Air Signals Over the Air 0 Activated the radio tower 100
Bridge Over Troubled Waters Bridge Over Troubled Waters 0 Lowered the bridge in Leighton City 100
A New Beginning A New Beginning 0 Completed the main quest line 100
This is The End This is The End 0 Completed 5 Runs 100
Tinkerer Tinkerer 0 Crafted an item at a crafting station 5
Master Crafter Master Crafter 0 Crafted 25 items at a crafting stations 10
When Life Gives You Lemons... When Life Gives You Lemons... 0 Crafted an improvised weapon 5
Wheel and Deal Wheel and Deal 0 Purchased an item from the travelling merchant 5
Big Hauler Big Hauler 0 Collected 25 Supply Bags 10
Infection Fighter Infection Fighter 0 Used Antiviral 25 times 10