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COGEN: Sword of Rewind Achievements

Full list of COGEN: Sword of Rewind achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

COGEN: Sword of Rewind has 39 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

COGEN COGEN 0 Unlock all achievements. 70
Completionist Completionist 0 Achieve S rank or higher on all stages. No one can stop me! No one! 50
Beginning of the End Beginning of the End 0 Clear Stage 1. I will be your sword, and your guide. 25
EL-Bird Heavy Industries EL-Bird Heavy Industries 0 Clear Stage 2. Only a few companies in the world have enough power to build a facility this big. 25
Extreme Environment Examination Bunker Extreme Environment Examination Bunker 0 Clear Stage 3. Hot. Boiling. MAGMA! 25
Rundown Planning Center Tour Rundown Planning Center Tour 0 Clear Stage 4. Sometimes all a machine needs is a good whack! 25
No Need For Time No Need For Time 0 Reach the boss of Stage 1 without rewinding. Time IS money. 25
Factory Foreman Factory Foreman 0 Reach the boss of Stage 2 without rewinding. Thrift is good, but isn't living better? 25
Just a Hot Minute Just a Hot Minute 0 Reach the boss of Stage 3 without rewinding. Wow. I guess you don't even need it? 25
Shadow Walker Shadow Walker 0 Reach the boss of Stage 4 without rewinding. It's there for you to use, you know? 25
Transcendent Transcendent 0 Achieve S rank or higher on one stage. I'll see you at my victory speech! 25
Scrap Dealer Scrap Dealer 0 Defeat 100 enemies. Isn't that a little much? 20
True Destroyer True Destroyer 0 Defeat 1,000 enemies. Crush! Kill! Destroy! 25
Fearless Fearless 0 Die 100 times. What are you talking about? I never got hit, not once. 20
Time Limit Time Limit 0 "Use up all rewind charges. I'd like to go back, please." 20
Time Traveler Time Traveler 0 Rewind time. A lot. I have a habit for never giving up. 20
Not In This Castle Not In This Castle 0 Broke a destructible wall. No chicken in this one. 20
Three Bots With One Stone Three Bots With One Stone 0 Defeated 3 enemies in one explosion. EXPLOOOSION! 20
Freestyle Juggler Freestyle Juggler 0 Juggle a bomb 3 times with vertical attacks. Hot potato: The deadliest of games. 20
Bonus Collector Bonus Collector 0 Collected all bonuses. N-No way?! No more bonuses left to get?! 25
Bullet to Bat Bullet to Bat 0 Reflected 100 enemy bullets. Bullet time! 20
Observer Observer 0 Viewed all event archives. I am Kohaku, and I know EVERYTHING. 20

Secret Achievements

Story Loop Story Loop 0 Clear Stage 5. Show me what you got! 25
The End of the Beginning The End of the Beginning 0 Clear Stage 1 SP. Remember yet? 25
EL-Bird Heavy Industries Redux EL-Bird Heavy Industries Redux 0 Clear Stage 2 SP. I look at the world around us, and I feel nothing. 25
The Final Blazing Countdown The Final Blazing Countdown 0 Clear Stage 3 SP. I'll show you... With this spark I'll be the biggest fire you've ever seen! 25
A Tour So Nice, You Took It Twice A Tour So Nice, You Took It Twice 0 Clear Stage 4 SP. Give me Akasha, Kohaku. 25
Cogen City Cogen City 0 Destroy the simulation. Let's go back to the real Cogen City! 50
Cogen City Veteran Cogen City Veteran 0 Reach Akasha without rewinding. Okay, if you insist. You do you. 25
Rewind Me Not Rewind Me Not 0 Reach the boss of Stage 1 SP without rewinding. Time? Hmph! I don't need it! 25
Factory Chief Factory Chief 0 Reach the boss of Stage 2 SP without rewinding. Piece of cake, I've done this before! 25
Beat the Heat Beat the Heat 0 Reach the boss of Stage 3 SP without rewinding. The heat's nice once you get used to it! 25
Explorer in the Dark Explorer in the Dark 0 Reach the boss of Stage 4 SP without rewinding. Hah! I can read your every move! 25
Cogen City Master Cogen City Master 0 Reach the boss of Stage 5 SP without rewinding. Okay, I AM impressed, but I'm also frightened. 25
Pacifist Route Pacifist Route 0 Clear Stage 1 by only defeating the boss. Winning without a fight! 20
Shortcut Shortcut 0 Find the shortcut in Stage 2. Haste makes waste, after all. 20
Infiltrator Infiltrator 0 Clear Stage 3 without calling for help. *kssh* This is Kohaku. Infiltration successful. 20
Leap of Faith Leap of Faith 0 Find the shortcut in Stage 4. What a fall. What. A. Fall. 20
No Accidents No Accidents 0 Clear Stage 5 without turning on the lights or getting hit by traps. All those traps? Child's play 20