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Happy's Humble Burger Farm Achievements

Full list of Happy's Humble Burger Farm achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Happy's Humble Burger Farm has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

What Year Is It What Year Is It 0 Escape the Simulation 75
Thats All, Folks! Thats All, Folks! 0 Defeat Evil Petey 50
Salute the Colonel Salute the Colonel 0 Defeat Evil Charlie 50
Jukebox Hero Jukebox Hero 0 Buy the Jukebox 50
Now in HD! Now in HD! 0 Buy the Flatscreen TV 50
Backpack, Backpack Backpack, Backpack 0 Find the Backpack 35
3rd Shift 3rd Shift 0 Survive Evil Happy 50
Phreaky Phreaky 0 Hack a vending depot 35
I'm Not Even Looking I'm Not Even Looking 0 Take 25 pictures 35
Let Me Speak to the Manager Let Me Speak to the Manager 0 Serve 10 wrong orders (Main Restaurant only) 35
Killer of Giants Killer of Giants 0 Witness the Nuclear Explosion 35
Funkytown Funkytown 0 Create a Keypad Hacker 30
Bomb Dot Com Bomb Dot Com 0 Create a Burger Bomb 30
My Bad My Bad 0 Serve 5 wrong orders (Main Restaurant only) 30
Crafty Crafty 0 Find your first recipe 30
Going Down Going Down 0 Survive the Elevator Descent 30
Caffeine Rush Caffeine Rush 0 Drink 10 Jazzy Javas 25
Straight to the Thighs Straight to the Thighs 0 Eat 10 Energy Bars 25
Deja Vu Deja Vu 0 Die 10 times 25
Escape From the Barn Escape From the Barn 0 Destroy the Truck in the Burger Barn / open up access 25
I'm Lovin' It I'm Lovin' It 0 Complete your first shift 25
Nobody Panic! Nobody Panic! 0 Put out a grill fire 25
But I Must Scream But I Must Scream 0 Find the Boss Vents 25
Have It Your Way Have It Your Way 0 Buy something from the vending machine 25
Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert 0 Spoil 10 meat patties 25
Oops Oops 0 Serve a wrong order (Main Restaurant only) 25
I Have No Mouth I Have No Mouth 0 Find the apartment hole 25
Turing Test Turing Test 0 Meet iBlake 25
Do You Smell That? Do You Smell That? 0 Discover the parking garage 25
Flashback Flashback 0 Go back in time 25