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Undungeon Achievements

Full list of Undungeon achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Undungeon has 24 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

God of the Wasteland God of the Wasteland 0 Gather the mass of the god Motor. 50
Goddess of the Swamps Goddess of the Swamps 0 Gather the mass of the god Tiamat. 50
DIY Doctor DIY Doctor 0 Use the biomat to create any organ. 20
Handyman Handyman 0 Use Omnimat to create any consumable. 20
The First Fusion The First Fusion 0 Use the transfuser to merge any two nodes. 20
Core Baron Core Baron 0 Create any one core with Mutilla. 20
Recycler Recycler 0 Use the deconstructor to disassemble the objects into their constituent parts. 20
Collector Collector 0 Create one any architech item at Num's. 20
Core Enthusiast Core Enthusiast 0 Increase the level of any core to 30. 100
Iron Man Iron Man 0 Get through the game without dying once. 100
Immortal Immortal 0 Break 100 or more organs. 30
Master of Throwing Master of Throwing 0 Throw 250 knives. 30
Grenadier Grenadier 0 Drop 150 bombs. 30
Healer Healer 0 Use 100 healing consumables. 30
Shaman Shaman 0 Use 100 buff consumables. 30
Farmer Farmer 0 Grow 100 fanguds. 30
Consumer Consumer 0 Break 50 or more items of equipment. 30
Destroyer Destroyer 0 Destroy 50 camps on the global map. 30
The High Road Fighter The High Road Fighter 0 Fight 100 battles on the global map. 90
Warrior Warrior 0 Kill 500 opponents. 50
Savior of the Wasteland Savior of the Wasteland 0 Get karma of 25 or higher in the Q dimension. 50
Destroyer of the Wasteland Destroyer of the Wasteland 0 Get karma of -25 or lower in the Q dimension. 50
Savior of the Marsh Savior of the Marsh 0 Get karma of 25 or higher in the Luten dimension. 50
Marsh Destroyer Marsh Destroyer 0 Get karma -25 or lower in the Luten dimension. 50