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Unbound: Worlds Apart Achievements

Full list of Unbound: Worlds Apart achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Unbound: Worlds Apart has 36 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Trial By Fire Trial By Fire 0 You escaped the burning Rhu Village 10
I have the power! I have the power! 0 You found the crystal shard and your first portal power 10
Where next? Where next? 0 You got the map to Vaiya 10
Safe haven Safe haven 0 You found the Vaiya safe zone 10
Another bug hunt? Another bug hunt? 0 You defeated the Eyrie boss 25
Lighting the dark Lighting the dark 0 You used the light portal to find a crystal shard 10
The Recluse The Recluse 0 You met with Brom, Guardian of Vaiya 10
Going Underground Going Underground 0 You opened the path to The Great Mines 10
Hall of Heroes Hall of Heroes 0 You spoke with the old record keeper in The Great Mines 10
Higher and Higher Higher and Higher 0 You found the double-jump ability 10
Anti-Grav Master Anti-Grav Master 0 You used the gravity portal to find a Sanarya shard 10
Swole Soli Swole Soli 0 You used the strong portal to find a Sanarya shard 10
It's Rough and Coarse... It's Rough and Coarse... 0 You made it to Sanarya, world of sand and shimmer 25
The First of Many The First of Many 0 You saved your first lost villager 10
Five a Day Five a Day 0 You saved 5 lost villagers 10
Winning Eleven Winning Eleven 0 You saved 11 lost villagers 10
Twenty's plenty Twenty's plenty 0 You saved 20 lost villagers 25
Triple Threat Triple Threat 0 You saved 30 lost villagers 50
There goes my Hero There goes my Hero 0 You saved all 42 lost villagers. Good job! 100
Forest blessing Forest blessing 0 You saved every lost villager in Vaiya 50
Desert blessing Desert blessing 0 You saved every lost villager in Sanarya 50
All in the Family All in the Family 0 You spoke with Lyho about better days 10
The First Trial The First Trial 0 You cleansed the Vaiya crystal and helped the villagers escape 50
The Second Trial The Second Trial 0 You cleansed the Sanarya crystal and helped the villagers escape 50
Is there Cake? Is there Cake? 0 You used every portal power in the game 10
Quicker than a Cab Quicker than a Cab 0 You activated 30 fast-travel waypoints 10
Two-winged Devil Two-winged Devil 0 You defeated Arawen, the Demon King 50
Is this Paradise? Is this Paradise? 0 You saved reality and found yourself in a better place 100
Ghost in the Hell Ghost in the Hell 0 You spoke with every spirit in Umberra 50
Getting High Getting High 0 You successfully jumped over a gate 10
The Dark Side The Dark Side 0 You entered Umberra, the first world 25
Do you work here? Do you work here? 0 You found the servants's village in Sanarya 10
How about a Smile? How about a Smile? 0 You saved Zarana, Guardian of Sanarya 25
The Full Deck The Full Deck 0 You unlocked every ability in the game 10
Unbound: Worlds Apart Unbound: Worlds Apart 0 You read the whole story and learned reality's dark secrets 50
Where's your barcode? Where's your barcode? 0 You met with both shady mages 75