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Vaporum: Lockdown Achievements

Full list of Vaporum: Lockdown achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Vaporum: Lockdown has 43 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Great Escape The Great Escape 0 Finish the game on Brutal difficulty. 80
Vault Breaker Vault Breaker 0 Find the super secret room. 80
Supreme Bureau Lab Rat Supreme Bureau Lab Rat 0 Collect all emblems. 70
Ninja Ninja 0 Take no more than 3,000 damage in a single playthrough on Hard or Brutal difficulty. 30
Keen Eye Keen Eye 0 Find all regular secrets in the game. 30
Traveler Traveler 0 Walk 18,000 tiles. 30
Thaumaturge Thaumaturge 0 Use gadgets 600 times. 30
Champion Champion 0 Score 3,000 melee weapon hits on enemies. 30
Desperado Desperado 0 Scrore 1,200 firearm weapon hits on enemies. 30
Electromancer Electromancer 0 Score 1,200 energy weapon hits on enemies. 30
Rig Mastery Rig Mastery 0 Improve 3 circuits to the maximum rank. 30
Brand Loyalty Brand Loyalty 0 Equip all three items of the Brenner set. 30
Out with the Old Out with the Old 0 Put all faulty spiderlings into the grinders under 40 seconds. 30
Tag Team Tag Team 0 Have at least 3 minions active at once. 30
Magic Mirror Magic Mirror 0 Open the chest near the mirror in the Air Conditioning Facility. 20
Mangle Dancer Mangle Dancer 0 Open the chest behind the 4th door in the mangle puzzle in the Water Treatment Plant. 20
Barbecue Party Barbecue Party 0 Open the chest in the flamer puzzle in the Water Treatment Plant. 20
We Are Inevitable! We Are Inevitable! 0 Finish the game on any difficulty. 15
Archivist Archivist 0 Read all notes and listen to all phonodiaries. 20
Brick Collector Brick Collector 0 Collect all bricks in the game. 20
Pyrotechnician Pyrotechnician 0 Destroy all explosive barrels in the game. 20
Walker Walker 0 Walk 3,000 tiles. 15
Gadgeteer Gadgeteer 0 Use gadgets 50 times. 15
Warrior Warrior 0 Score 250 melee weapon hits on enemies. 15
Gunslinger Gunslinger 0 Scrore 100 firearm weapon hits on enemies. 15
Fuminizer Fuminizer 0 Score 100 energy weapon hits on enemies. 15
Skilled Skilled 0 Improve a circuit to the maximum rank. 15
Sniper Sniper 0 Hit an enemy with a projectile that flies at least 5 tiles. 15
Fire and Ice Fire and Ice 0 Have both the burning and frost effects on an enemy at the same time, 50 times. 20
Gravity Killer Gravity Killer 0 Cause 25 enemies to die by falling. 20

Secret Achievements

Kill the Unkillable Kill the Unkillable 0 Kill a super roach. 30
Bad Parenting Bad Parenting 0 Spawn a minion over a pit. 15
Always Wear Protection Always Wear Protection 0 Upgrade your exo-rig. 10
Ticket Home Ticket Home 0 Restore power for the bay doors. 10
Forge Mastery Forge Mastery 0 Forge the propeller. 10
Alloy Alchemist Alloy Alchemist 0 Create the fumium ingots for the forge. 10
Good Memory Good Memory 0 Get the loot from the contaminated chest in the Hydroponics. 10
Fruitarian Fruitarian 0 Grow the fruit. 10
No More Tears No More Tears 0 Kill all criers in the Hive. 10
Your Biggest Fan Your Biggest Fan 0 Decontaminate the Hydroponics. 10
Plumbers Don't Wear Ties Plumbers Don't Wear Ties 0 Restore water to the Hydroponics. 10
Power Player Power Player 0 Restore power in the Power Plant. 10
Of Mice and Robots Of Mice and Robots 0 Defeat the boss. 15