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Aspire - Ina's Tale Achievements

Full list of Aspire - Ina's Tale achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Aspire - Ina's Tale has 13 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Leap of Faith Leap of Faith 0 Jump across the Knight’s Fall crevice without dying. 60
The Chains Unseen The Chains Unseen 0 We all have our chains. Can you see yours? 50
Music and Laughter Music and Laughter 0 Find the first Stone of Memory. 120
Bright Light and Joy Bright Light and Joy 0 Find the second Stone of Memory. 120
The Things in the Dark The Things in the Dark 0 Get through the Dungeon without dying. 90
The Keeper of Kamiura The Keeper of Kamiura 0 Encounter all the Spirits of Power. 60
Order Out of Chaos Order Out of Chaos 0 Find the third Stone of Memory. 120
Home Sweet Home Home Sweet Home 0 There are some who carry their home with them, wherever they go. 40
Like Clockwork Like Clockwork 0 Fix the Tower’s inner workings and restore its connections. 70
And No One Could Judge And No One Could Judge 0 Find the fourth Stone of Memory. 120
The Watchful Eye The Watchful Eye 0 Survive the Watchful Eye. 50
What Comes After What Comes After 0 The age-old question: What comes after? 40
The Heart Who Runs Free The Heart Who Runs Free 0 Find and make your way across the threshold. 60