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The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel Achievements

Full list of The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel has 35 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

This or That This or That 0 Make your first decision 10
Pass It On Pass It On 0 Find the letter 10
Can't Stop, Won't Stop Can't Stop, Won't Stop 0 Win a QTE 10
Necrotic Paralysis Necrotic Paralysis 0 Lose a QTE 10
Grasp the Nettle Grasp the Nettle 0 Win a QTE without skipping 100
Psychotherapy Not Included Psychotherapy Not Included 0 Consult with the professor about the mansion 10
Employee of the Month Employee of the Month 0 Be a good employee and go to work 10
The Beginning The Beginning 0 Unlock a memory fragment 100
Real Talk Real Talk 0 Ask for Marianne's honest advice about marriage 10
Reunion Reunion 0 Meet an old friend at the housewarming party 30
In Safe Hands In Safe Hands 0 Resist the mansion's influence 10
A Safe Haven A Safe Haven 0 Let a friend stay over for the night 100
Feels Like Yesterday Feels Like Yesterday 0 Share a painful memory to a friend 10
A Hearty Meal A Hearty Meal 0 Have lunch with Ashton and Isabella 10
Need Some Advice, Prof Need Some Advice, Prof 0 Consult with the professor about the photographs 30
Nightly Visit Nightly Visit 0 When nightmares just won't leave you alone... 30
Mind Your Own Business Mind Your Own Business 0 Keep looking for Ashton 10
Sing the Blues Sing the Blues 0 The ghost of guilt and sorrow remembers who I am... 10
Behind Closed Doors Behind Closed Doors 0 Explore the deepest corners of the mansion 10
Grow Up, Kid Grow Up, Kid 0 Give a piece of advice to the younger you 10
Pop Quiz! Pop Quiz! 0 Meet a fellow nerd 30
Buried History Buried History 0 Dig deeper into the Ermengarde Mansion's past 10
Easy Way In Easy Way In 0 Find a way into BRC with the help of a friend 10
Safe and Sound Safe and Sound 0 Ensure that all your friends are safe and accounted for 100
Swallow your Pride Swallow your Pride 0 There are more important things, no matter how much you hate his guts... 10
Light it Up Light it Up 0 Not only do I have trespassers in my property, they're also arsonists! 10
The REAL Letter The REAL Letter 0 There's another one?! 100

Secret Achievements

D-List Horror Prop D-List Horror Prop 0 Pass the letter to Hannah, Luke and Marianne 30
Weal and Woe Weal and Woe 0 Start Chapter 2 with a good standing with Luke 30
Monsieur le Photographe Monsieur le Photographe 0 Meet Zachary, the photographer (as Hannah) 30
Hello Mister! Hello Mister! 0 Meet Kylie (as Zachary) 10
Remember Me? Remember Me? 0 Meet the ghost from your past 30
Daredevil Daredevil 0 Win 4 QTEs in Normal difficulty without skipping 10
In Living Memory In Living Memory 0 Take a trip down the memory lane 30
One, Big, Happy Family One, Big, Happy Family 0 I think mommy overdid the make-up 30