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Sam & Max: Beyond Time And Space Remastered Achievements

Full list of Sam & Max: Beyond Time And Space Remastered achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Sam & Max: Beyond Time And Space Remastered has 12 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Nearly Saved Christmas Nearly Saved Christmas 0 Completed episode 1. 80
Et tu, Spatula? Et tu, Spatula? 0 Completed episode 2. 80
Vampire Slayer Vampire Slayer 0 Completed episode 3. 80
Time Lord Time Lord 0 Completed episode 4. 80
Sympathy for the Devil Sympathy for the Devil 0 Completed episode 5. 80
Went Beyond Time & Space Went Beyond Time & Space 0 Completed Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space. 100

Secret Achievements

Did Someone Say Birthday? Did Someone Say Birthday? 0 Celebrated the bug's birthday before his family arrived. 80
Sandwich Seller Sandwich Seller 0 Offered the granite sandwich to everyone on the island. 80
Monster Master Monster Master 0 Tried every possible body part on the monster. 80
AI Interrogator AI Interrogator 0 Tried every dialog choice with all AI personalities. 80
Hellacious Detective Hellacious Detective 0 Witnessed Satan berating the staff each time hell efficiency dropped. 80
DeSoto Dominator DeSoto Dominator 0 Won all upgrades for the DeSoto. 100