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Collapsed Achievements

Full list of Collapsed achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Collapsed has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

First steps First steps 0 You killed 100 mobs! 20
Experienced Hunter Experienced Hunter 0 You killed 3000 mobs! 50
Reaper Reaper 0 You killed 15000 mobs! 100
Awakening Part I Awakening Part I 0 You complited Lost Memory I! 15
Awakening Part II Awakening Part II 0 You complited Lost Memory II! 30
Awakening Part III Awakening Part III 0 You complited Lost Memory III! 50
Awakening Part IV Awakening Part IV 0 You complited Lost Memory IV! 75
Awakening Final Awakening Final 0 You complited Lost Memory V! 100
The Hunt has Begun! The Hunt has Begun! 0 You started the game for the first time! 10
Rampage Rampage 0 You killed 5 foes with one blow! 25
Novice Inventor Novice Inventor 0 You unlocked 25 Progress Nodes! 15
Experienced Inventor Experienced Inventor 0 You unlocked 50 Progress Nodes! 30
Scientist Scientist 0 You unlocked 75 Progress Nodes! 50
Experienced Scientist Experienced Scientist 0 You unlocked all Nodes at the Global Progress Tree! 100
Hunting Season is Closed Hunting Season is Closed 0 You hunted down every single Supreme Enemy in the game! 50
Heavy Gears Heavy Gears 0 You defeated the Vulcan! 20
Vertex Vertex 0 You defeat the Weaver! 20
Hive Mind Hive Mind 0 You defeated the Crab! 20
Trickster Trickster 0 You defeated a big boss with no damage! 100
Rogue Rogue 0 You are completed the game on any difficulty with no damage received! 120