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Ryan's Rescue Squad Achievements

Full list of Ryan's Rescue Squad achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ryan's Rescue Squad has 23 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Let's Play! Let's Play! 0 Start Toy's World 20
Ahoy! Ahoy! 0 Start Pirate's World 20
Jurassic Party Jurassic Party 0 Start Prehistoric World 20
To the Moon! To the Moon! 0 Start Space World 20
Two are better than one Two are better than one 0 Complete a level with 2 Players 30
Boing! Boing! 0 Complete de Toy's World Minigame 30
Cannonball Cannonball 0 Complete the Pirate's World Minigame 30
The Floor is Lava The Floor is Lava 0 Complete the Prehistoric World Minigame 30
Meteor Shower Meteor Shower 0 Complete the Space World Minigame 30
Rewind time Rewind time 0 Replay a Level 20
Well Played Well Played 0 Complete Toy's World 50
Yarr! Yarr! 0 Complete Pirate's World 50
Time Traveler Time Traveler 0 Complete Prehistoric World 50
To the Stars and Beyond! To the Stars and Beyond! 0 Complete Space World 50
Super Hero! Super Hero! 0 Complete the game 70
Invincible Invincible 0 Complete a level without being hit 70
Shiny Shiny 0 Collect a total of 10.000 Sun Coins 70
Friends, Assemble! Friends, Assemble! 0 Free all your friends 70
Easter Egg Hunt Easter Egg Hunt 0 Get all the Surprise Eggs 70
Full Wardrobe Full Wardrobe 0 Buy all the Skins 70
Golden Mountain Golden Mountain 0 Get all the Gold Coins 70

Secret Achievements

The Gummy Gator The Gummy Gator 0 Unlock Gus 30
Alpha Awesome! Alpha Awesome! 0 Unlock Alpha Lexa 30