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Loot River Achievements

Full list of Loot River achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Loot River has 15 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Down the Hole Down the Hole 0 Get kicked down the elevator shaft. 50
Music Connoisseur Music Connoisseur 0 Fund Finnegan’s music education. 50
Drinking Habits Drinking Habits 0 Double your potion count through investment. 30
Suspicious Deals Suspicious Deals 0 Make a deal with Callum. 20
Fast Track Fast Track 0 Finish Sunken Village within the time limit. 30
Hidden Doors Hidden Doors 0 Uncover three secret passages. 50
Incineration Incineration 0 Have at least three platforms burning at once. 20
Missing Limb Missing Limb 0 Severe Gwen's hand. 50
Bravery Bravery 0 Rescue Emmet. 50
Cleanser Cleanser 0 Shatter the Relic. 50
Weapon Obsession Weapon Obsession 0 Unlock all weapons. 100
Scholar Scholar 0 Unlock all spells. 100
High Fashion High Fashion 0 Unlock all armour. 100
Hat Enthusiast Hat Enthusiast 0 Unlock all headgear. 100

Secret Achievements

Retirement? Retirement? 0 Escape Loot River. 200