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White Shadows Achievements

Full list of White Shadows achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

White Shadows has 18 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Secret Achievements

Someone bawked! Someone bawked! 0 Survive the Coocoo House without ever getting caught. 75
Chick magnet Chick magnet 0 Have 20 chicks cling to you as a shield 25
That's unfortunate! That's unfortunate! 0 Die in every possible way 50
The destroyer of worlds The destroyer of worlds 0 Complete the game 75
We love you, too! We love you, too! 0 Complete the game and watch the whole credit sequence because you just couldn't get enough of this! 100
For the greater good For the greater good 0 Use the tiny chick to solve the hammer puzzle 25
The writing on the wall The writing on the wall 0 Complete the first chapter of the game. 25
There's blood on your hands There's blood on your hands 0 Make yourself a battery to enter the chick fields. 25
Look mom, I'm on TV! Look mom, I'm on TV! 0 Survive the Funworld Trials. 50
Welcome home Welcome home 0 Survive the Tintown Trials. 50
The end is nigh The end is nigh 0 Start the final chapter of the game. 75
Yes, I deserve it! Yes, I deserve it! 0 Use ravengirl to solve the hammer puzzle. 75
Join the circus Join the circus 0 Survive the Funworld Trials without dying. 75
I went train spotting I went train spotting 0 Survive the train rides without dying. 75
Lord of the Birds Lord of the Birds 0 Survive the Tintown Trials without dying. 75
You went too far You went too far 0 "Use" all the possible chicks for the Battery Maker 2000. 75
You got a friend in me You got a friend in me 0 Catch the first chick and take it with you 25
I will follow you I will follow you 0 Lure 80 chicks into the bowels of the muncher 25