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Serious Sam 4 Achievements

Full list of Serious Sam 4 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Serious Sam 4 has 54 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Serious Sam Serious Sam 0 Beat the game on any difficulty. 100
Get Serious Get Serious 0 Unlock 10 S.A.M.s in a single playthrough. 20
Oh, Shut Up Oh, Shut Up 0 Destroy 10 propaganda drones. 20
Bullseye Bullseye 0 One-shot kill 3 Werebulls with a shotgun. 20
Tear 'n' Rip Tear 'n' Rip 0 Melee a big enemy. 50
Max Pain Max Pain 0 Kill 5 enemies during a single Time Warp slowdown. 20
Atomic Wedgie Atomic Wedgie 0 Use the mininuke to eliminate 100 enemies at once. 50
Heads Up! Heads Up! 0 Kill 100 enemies with a headshot. 20
Pow Pow! Pow Pow! 0 Kill an Aludran Reptiloid using nothing but a pistol. 20
Megabarf Megabarf 0 Kill a Belcher using Belcher collateral barf damage. 20
Spinal Tap Spinal Tap 0 Kill 11 different enemies using melee attacks. 20
All Kleer All Kleer 0 Kill 50 healthy Kleers with a direct double shotgun hit. 20
Enemy of My Enemy Enemy of My Enemy 0 Make 20 enemies kill each other using Psychotropic Grenades. 20
Say Hello To My Mini Friend Say Hello To My Mini Friend 0 Spend 1000 minigun rounds while firing continuously. 50
No Surrender No Surrender 0 Kill 5 enemies in a row while your health is below 10 HP. 20
Spread the Joy Spread the Joy 0 Kill 3 enemies with a double shotgun blast. 20
Veni Vidi Witchy Veni Vidi Witchy 0 Kill a Witchbride using C4. 20
Quadruple the Gun Quadruple the Gun 0 Kill 20 enemies while dual wielding double shotguns. 20

Secret Achievements

Regression Regression 0 Get knocked on the head and remember how you got here. 5
Ecclesiastical Extraction Ecclesiastical Extraction 0 Save the rookie. Find Father Mikhail. See the sights. 10
Roman Holiday Roman Holiday 0 Get together with your friends and kill something big. 10
Volcano Antagonizer Volcano Antagonizer 0 Die HAARP With A Vengeance. 10
Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot 0 Run away from an angry volcano you foolishly antagonized. 10
All Roads Lead To Rome All Roads Lead To Rome 0 Head into Rome. Ditch Rodriguez. 10
Are You Not Entertained? Are You Not Entertained? 0 Party like it's 199. 10
La Nonna é Mobile La Nonna é Mobile 0 Meet a powerful granny. 10
Holy Driver Holy Driver 0 Ride the Popemobile to victory. 10
Harvest Noon Harvest Noon 0 Don't fear the reaper. Be the reaper. 10
See Carcassonne And Die See Carcassonne And Die 0 Cross the French countryside and get very cross. 10
The Informant? The Informant? 0 What if you could talk to the monsters? 10
Class Reunion Class Reunion 0 Navigate the citadel of Carcassonne. Start reassembling your team. 10
The Last Human The Last Human 0 Get justice. Get the Holy Grail. Get screwed over. 10
Oil's Well That Ends Well Oil's Well That Ends Well 0 Escape the Oil Rig. 10
From Earth With Love From Earth With Love 0 Send Mental a message he won't forget. 10
Harvest Festival Harvest Festival 0 Harvest 100 enemies with a combine harvester. 20
This Seems Safe This Seems Safe 0 Unlock a S.A.M. 20
Dismemberfest Dismemberfest 0 Dismember 50 enemies with cannonballs. 20
The Spirit of Roma The Spirit of Roma 0 Fight alongside Massimo Murena. 15
Cultist Stimulator Cultist Stimulator 0 Recover a key stolen by a cultist. 15
For the Cause For the Cause 0 Find out what happened to Alessandro. 15
That Belongs In A Museum That Belongs In A Museum 0 Recover the alien artifact located by Dr. Stein. 15
That Burning Sensation That Burning Sensation 0 Collect scorched aliens for Professor Kiesel. 15
Hard Science Fiction Hard Science Fiction 0 Get a weaponized black hole, using science. 15
Signature Move Signature Move 0 Sign Secchi's rifle. 15
You Have Been Wormed You Have Been Wormed 0 Assist Dr. Vermetti in his war on worms. 15
Where's That Girl Where's That Girl 0 Make sure Gabriella is OK. 15
Mushroom Surprise Mushroom Surprise 0 Find out what happened to the English airman. 15
Southern Gentleman Southern Gentleman 0 Assist a couple of young ladies out hunting. 15
Fulbert le Fou Fulbert le Fou 0 Discover Fulbert's great invention. 15
Serious Art Serious Art 0 Protect humanity's treasures from invaders with no taste. 15
The French Achievement The French Achievement 0 Achievement is your middle name. 15
Classic Hero Stuff Classic Hero Stuff 0 Save a princess. Doesn't get more classic than that. 15
Quality Time Quality Time 0 Go on a date with Hellfire. 15
Brass Lantern Brass Lantern 0 Finish a text adventure. On an oil rig. During an alien invasion. 15