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Horatio Goes Snowboarding Achievements

Full list of Horatio Goes Snowboarding achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Horatio Goes Snowboarding has 23 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

TGIF TGIF 0 Reach day 5. 20
Wrecked Wrecked 0 Get run over by 10 cars. 20
Goal In! Goal In! 0 Finish a board run and go through the goal. 20
Wasteman Wasteman 0 Land on trash after hitting a car. 20
Where's my board? Where's my board? 0 Reach the helicopter with no snowboard. 20
Three in a row! Three in a row! 0 Finish 3 board runs without hitting anything. 50
Posh chopper Posh chopper 0 Score 25k or more. 50
Blaze it Blaze it 0 Have £420 or more. 50
Sorry, Officer! Sorry, Officer! 0 Get hit by 2 police cars. 50
Chairman Chairman 0 Start 50 board runs. 50
The Cone Ranger The Cone Ranger 0 Hit 10 cones in one run. 50
Coming through! Coming through! 0 Get from the hospital to the helicopter without stopping. 50
Whoopsie! Whoopsie! 0 Collide with 3 snowmen. 50
So close! So close! 0 Fall off your board by colliding with a goal flag post. 50
Perfect Run Bronze Perfect Run Bronze 0 Achieve a perfect run. 50
Perfect Run Silver Perfect Run Silver 0 Achieve two perfect runs in a game. 50
Perfect Run Gold Perfect Run Gold 0 Achieve three perfect runs in a game. 50
Yeti-Slapped Yeti-Slapped 0 Get hit by the Yeti. 50
Bronze Grandstanding Bronze Grandstanding 0 Achieve 500 points in one run through Grandstanding bonuses. 50
Silver Grandstanding Silver Grandstanding 0 Achieve 1000 points in one run through Grandstanding bonuses. 50
Gold Grandstanding Gold Grandstanding 0 Achieve 2000 points in one run through Grandstanding bonuses. 50
Crossed Poles Crossed Poles 0 Wipe out three skiers in one run. 50
Endless Love Endless Love 0 Unlock Endless Mode. 50