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Sniper Elite 5 Achievements

Full list of Sniper Elite 5 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Sniper Elite 5 has 61 achievements worth 1165 gamerscore

Meeting Resistance Meeting Resistance 0 Weaken the Atlantic wall and rendezvous with Blue Viper. 10
Confirming Suspicions Confirming Suspicions 0 Raid Chateau de Berengar and Moller's Office 10
The Kraken Wakes The Kraken Wakes 0 Infiltrate Beaumont-Saint-Denis and Uncover Operation Kraken. 10
It's Starting to Crack It's Starting to Crack 0 Destroy Operation Kraken's production facility at Martressac. 10
Taking it back Taking it back 0 Liberate Desponts-sur-Douve and secure Allied transport routes. 10
Can't Outrun A Bullet Can't Outrun A Bullet 0 Kill Moller with a rifle at a distance of 600 meters or more. 30
Climbing the Ladder Climbing the Ladder 0 Reach rank 40. 35
Liberte Liberte 0 Complete the campaign. 90
Best of the Best Best of the Best 0 Complete the entire campaign on Authentic difficulty. 90
No Stone Unturned No Stone Unturned 0 Complete 16 optional objectives. 15
Opposing Force Opposing Force 0 Win one Axis Invasion as an Invader. 15
Enemy at the Gates Enemy at the Gates 0 Defeat an invading Sniper Jager. 15
Fields of Glory Fields of Glory 0 Join and finish one team-based PVP match. 15
Just a Flesh Wound Just a Flesh Wound 0 Complete a mission, excluding the "Loose Ends" mission, in any difficulty without healing. 30
Organ Grinder Organ Grinder 0 Hit every organ at least once with a rifle. 15
Strategist Strategist 0 Make a tank shoot and destroy another enemy vehicle. 15
Master of Pistols Master of Pistols 0 Obtain six pistol-related mastery medals. 15
Master of Secondaries Master of Secondaries 0 Obtain six secondary-related mastery medals. 15
Master of Rifles Master of Rifles 0 Obtain six rifle-related mastery medals. 15
Master-at-arms Master-at-arms 0 Become the Master of each weapon. 30
Gunslinger Gunslinger 0 Kill 150 enemies with a Pistol. 15
Skirmisher Skirmisher 0 Kill 300 enemies with a Secondary Weapon. 15
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter 0 Kill 350 enemies with a Rifle. 15
The Long Game The Long Game 0 Total kill distance of 100000 meters. 15
Set Europe Ablaze Set Europe Ablaze 0 Kill 50 enemies with traps. 15
Precision Is Key Precision Is Key 0 Kill 150 enemies with any weapon while in Iron Sights. 15
Out of Scope Out of Scope 0 Kill 150 enemies with a rifle while in Iron Sights. 15
Rigged to Blow Rigged to Blow 0 Kill 20 soldiers using booby traps. 15
Explosive Efficiency Explosive Efficiency 0 Kill 3 on-foot soldiers with one grenade. 15
Lord of War Lord of War 0 Get a kill with 20 different weapons. 15
Die Nussknacker Sweet! Die Nussknacker Sweet! 0 Get a testicle shot with a rifle from a distance of 100 meters or more. 15
Resourceful Resourceful 0 Kill 50 enemy soldiers with Found Weapons. 15
Der Geist Der Geist 0 Achieve 250 ghost kills. 15
As Quiet as a Mouse As Quiet as a Mouse 0 Kill 50 enemies during a Sound Mask. 15
Close Quarters Close Quarters 0 Perform 100 lethal takedowns. 15
Snake in the Grass Snake in the Grass 0 While in Tall Grass, kill 50 soldiers. 15
From Paris with Love From Paris with Love 0 Collect 41 Personal letters. 15
Burn after reading Burn after reading 0 Collect 39 classified documents. 15
Souvenir hunter Souvenir hunter 0 Collect 24 Hidden Items. 15
Eagle Eyed Eagle Eyed 0 Destroy 24 Dead-eye Targets. 15
Tinkerer Tinkerer 0 Interact with 24 workbenches. 30
It'll Buff Right Out It'll Buff Right Out 0 Destroy Moller's shiny new car. 15
Locomotion Commotion Locomotion Commotion 0 In Martressac, create an accident that destroys the train in the storage area. 15
Up close and personal Up close and personal 0 Melee takedown each one of the three snipers guarding the bridge. 15
Road Rage Road Rage 0 In Research Facility, find and destroy one of each type of vehicle present in this mission. 15
Don't hold your breath Don't hold your breath 0 Make the final shot in St Nazaire without using Empty Lung. 15
Brains of the Operation Brains of the Operation 0 Kill Moller with a headshot. 15
Sight Beyond Sights Sight Beyond Sights 0 Kill Moller with a rifle, while in Iron Sights. 15
Shoot for the Moon Shoot for the Moon 0 Complete three Survival missions. 30
My Little Friend My Little Friend 0 Kill 50 soldiers with heavy weapons. 15
Fuhrerious Repetition Fuhrerious Repetition 0 Wolf Mountain - Kill Hitler 5 times. 15
Reich To The Point Reich To The Point 0 Wolf Mountain - Kill only Hitler and exfiltrate. 15
From Fuhrer Away From Fuhrer Away 0 Wolf Mountain - Kill Hitler at a distance of 300 meters or more. 15
Covert Elimination Covert Elimination 0 Wolf Mountain - Kill Hitler and exfiltrate without ever being detected. 30
Alpha Alpha 0 Wolf Mountain - Complete the mission on Authentic difficulty. 30
Herr Today, Gone Tomorrow Herr Today, Gone Tomorrow 0 Wolf Mountain - Complete the mission. 15
Operation Foxley Operation Foxley 0 Wolf Mountain - Complete the mission with a 2 star rating. 30
Das Familienjuwel Das Familienjuwel 0 Wolf Mountain - Kill Hitler with a testicle shot. 15

Secret Achievements

Change the Channel Change the Channel 0 Destroy the Prototype Stealth U-Boat hidden in Guernsey. 10
Target America Target America 0 Destroy the V2 Launch Sites and Uncover the target of Operation Kraken. 10
The Kraken Sleeps The Kraken Sleeps 0 Stop Operation Kraken and sink its deadly fleet. 10