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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Achievements

Full list of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has 95 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Stay Underground Stay Underground 0 You killed the giant worm in its lair. 0
Hanged Man's Notes Hanged Man's Notes 0 You found all of the forest warden's notes. 0
Sarkoris Will Be Green Sarkoris Will Be Green 0 You cleansed the forest of all corruption 0
This Wall Won't Fall This Wall Won't Fall 0 You won the battle for Gundrun. 0
Not the Last Sarkorian Not the Last Sarkorian 0 You completed Ulbrig's personal quest. 0
Wings of Stone Wings of Stone 0 You found the griffon statue. 0
The Lady of the Forest The Lady of the Forest 0 You met a deity of old Sarkoris. 0
Sellout Sellout 0 You exposed a traitor. 0
Elements of Success Elements of Success 0 You avoided a fight with the elementals in Currantglen. 0
Endangered Species Endangered Species 0 You and Ulbrig found all that remains of the griffons. 0
Beware Still Water Beware Still Water 0 You removed the corpse from the tree without alerting the monsters in the lake. 0
Devoured by Darkness Devoured by Darkness 0 You survived the journey through the beautiful and savage dungeon. 15
Burning city Burning city 0 You saved Kenabres and acquired mysterious and thrilling powers. 15
Banner over the Citadel Banner over the Citadel 0 You reclaimed a formidable crusade relic and chose your mythic path. 15
Fifth Crusade Fifth Crusade 0 You successfully led an offensive into the demon-infested lands of the Worldwound. 15
Embrace of the Abyss Embrace of the Abyss 0 You survived the impossible journey and returned to Golarion. 15
Heart of the Fallen Land Heart of the Fallen Land 0 You reached the dead city of Iz and secured your place as the greatest figure in Worldwound history. 15
The Final Threshold The Final Threshold 0 Congratulations, Commander! Your story is complete! 100
Transformation Transformation 0 Your mythic transformation is complete! 40
Mythic Choices Mythic Choices 0 Use your mythic powers five times in dialogues to influence the world and living souls. 15
Spirit of Adventures Spirit of Adventures 0 Complete the game playing on Core difficulty or above. 55
Test of the Starstone Test of the Starstone 0 Complete the game on Unfair difficulty. 80
Masterful Dispell Masterful Dispell 0 Dispel every single buff from a certain Runelord you'll meet. 15
Sadistic Game Design Sadistic Game Design 0 You have fulfilled the unreasonable, inhuman requirements set out in the game encyclopedia. 100
Queen's Gratitude Queen's Gratitude 0 Reclaim Drezen in Chapter 2 quickly and efficiently, and get praise from Queen Galfrey. 15
Great Upstart Great Upstart 0 Raise all four Crusade stats (Leadership, Strategy, Diplomacy, Military) to rank 5 in Chapter 3. 15
Strategic Victory Strategic Victory 0 By the end of the game, develop all four Crusade stats to their maximum potential. 40
Heroic Victory Heroic Victory 0 Defeat Khorramzadeh's army in Crusade mode. 15
Defender's Heart Defender's Heart 0 Defend the tavern from attack without losing a single building to the arsonists. 15
Abyssal Conspiracy Abyssal Conspiracy 0 Investigate and prevent the demodand conspiracy in the Midnight City. 15
Core of the Riddle Core of the Riddle 0 Uncover the truth behind the mysterious ancient ruins and the ghosts that guard them. 15
Your first big enemy Your first big enemy 0 Playing on Core difficulty or above, defeat the water elemental in the Prologue. 15
Prelate's nemesis Prelate's nemesis 0 Playing on Core difficulty or above, find the nabasu demon on the streets of Kenabres and kill it. 15
Blight of Drezen Blight of Drezen 0 Playing on Core difficulty or above, let Chorussina summon a powerful demon in Drezen and defeat it. 15
End of Eternal Guard End of Eternal Guard 0 Playing on Core difficulty or above, find and defeat the Ivory Sanctum's final Eternal Guardian. 15
Playful Mood Playful Mood 0 Playing on Core difficulty or above, kill the Playful Darkness in the Midnight Fane. 15
Just Pathetic Just Pathetic 0 Playing on Core difficulty or above, find and defeat the Pathetic Quasit in Alushinyrra. 15
Dreadful Dragon Dreadful Dragon 0 Playing on Core difficulty or above, kill Melazmera, the umbral dragon of Colyphyr. 15
Ashes to Ashes Ashes to Ashes 0 Playing on Core difficulty or above, find and defeat the Ashen Lady in the Ivory Labyrinth. 15
All Paths Open All Paths Open 0 Unlock all six mythic paths before choosing one at the end of Chapter 2. 15
A Flame A Flame 0 You found love in the midst of the war with the Abyss. 40
Hey, I know you! Hey, I know you! 0 Save or let go a cultist scribe, a traveler, and a vrock. Then find out what happens to them later. 15
Demonic and Divine Demonic and Divine 0 Face two great entities and make your choice. 15
Death by Column Death by Column 0 Hit your own party with the rolling column in the Tower of Estrod. 15
Next-Door-Play Next-Door-Play 0 Find the Next-Door Theater in each chapter and help the troupe to finally stage their play. 15
Get the Toad Get the Toad 0 No time to explain. Just get the toad! 15

Secret Achievements

Inevitable Outcome Inevitable Outcome 0 Congratulations! You completed the Inevitable Excess DLC! 0
Glimpse of Truth Glimpse of Truth 0 You discovered the truth behind the anomalies. 0
Detective at Work Detective at Work 0 You discovered all cases of abnormal behavior in Iz before facing the real threat. 0
Silver Tongue Silver Tongue 0 You managed to talk your way out of the fight that seemed bound to happen. 0
Disillusioned Disillusioned 0 You just had to check, didn't you? 0
Paradox Paradox 0 You allied yourself with Areelu Vorlesh's excess mythic power and escaped Valmallos's prison with yo 0
The Art of Provocation The Art of Provocation 0 You tricked someone else into killing the slimy colossus for you. 0
Ill-Gotten Gains Ill-Gotten Gains 0 You thoroughly looted the graveyard. 0
Careful Steps Careful Steps 0 You passed through the graveyard without inhaling the noxious fumes. 0
Deadweight Deadweight 0 You saved a man's life only to let him die a little later. 0
In Memoriam In Memoriam 0 You brought music into the dead's abode. 0
One for All One for All 0 A truly brave soul sacrificed himself for his friends. 0
All for One All for One 0 True friends didn't let their brave comrade sacrifice himself. 0
This Side Toward the Enemy This Side Toward the Enemy 0 You forgot about safety precautions and paid the price. 0
We Don't Trade Lives We Don't Trade Lives 0 You brought the group to safety without a single casualty. 0
The Unbreakable Trio The Unbreakable Trio 0 You made it to the end with just three people in your party. 0
The Manuscript Found in Kenabres The Manuscript Found in Kenabres 0 You read every book and letter. 0
Don't Eat This Don't Eat This 0 You found every single underground mushroom. 0
No Escape From Justice No Escape From Justice 0 You made a criminal pay for his crimes. 0
Piece It Together Piece It Together 0 You solved every puzzle. 0
Who's There? Who's There? 0 You knocked on every door in the rich quarter. 0
Are You a Cat? Are You a Cat? 0 You toppled everything you could. 0
Come Rain or Shine Come Rain or Shine 0 The report was delivered, despite minor difficulties along the way. 0
Bloody Bandages Bloody Bandages 0 The healer learned of her brethren's fate. 0
Secret of the Midnight Isles Secret of the Midnight Isles 0 You saw all possible endings. 0
The Past Never Dies The Past Never Dies 0 You defeated the monster from the chain. 0
Ride the Wind Ride the Wind 0 You caught a tailwind. 0
Windcatcher Windcatcher 0 You caught 15 different tailwinds. 0
Windmaster Windmaster 0 You caught all possible tailwinds. 0
Loot the Loot! Loot the Loot! 0 You stole the treasure from the pirates. 0
Redemption Redemption 0 You helped save the soul of the old monster. 0
Hunting Darkness Hunting Darkness 0 You found and defeated the most elusive monster in the Midnight Isles. 0
Broken Trickster Broken Trickster 0 You defeated Star Rattle. 0
Devoted Servant Devoted Servant 0 You defeated the Archpriest. 0
Fallen Angel Fallen Angel 0 You defeated the Songbird. 0
The Path Is Clear The Path Is Clear 0 You defeated the first guardian of the islands. 0
Synergy Synergy 0 You equipped two items that form a set. 0
Who Needs Ballistae? Who Needs Ballistae? 0 You triumphed in the final battle without using siege weapons. 0
No Remorse No Remorse 0 You defeated the monster from the chain on the first attempt. 0
Green Thumb Green Thumb 0 You defeated Star Rattle without being injured by the flowers. 0
Don't Scream at Me! Don't Scream at Me! 0 You defeated the Songbird using her scream. 0
Brave and Foolhardy Brave and Foolhardy 0 You fought the monster from the chain when your voyage had barely begun. 0
Wealth Is the Best Superpower Wealth Is the Best Superpower 0 You sold a Nahyndrian crystal. 0
No Ordinary Mortal No Ordinary Mortal 0 You triumphed in the final battle without mythic powers and without being a legend. 0
From the Jaws of Defeat From the Jaws of Defeat 0 You triumphed in the final battle when all seemed lost. 0
Midnight Aim Midnight Aim 0 You chose the right weapon to fight a demon lord. 15
Ascension Ascension 0 Against all odds, through trials unthinkable, you ascended as a true demigod. 80
Radiance Radiance 0 One of the crusade's greatest weapons is now in your hands. 15
Subtle Hints Subtle Hints 0 You investigated and uncovered a saboteur in your army. 15