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RoboCop: Rogue City Achievements

Full list of RoboCop: Rogue City achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

RoboCop: Rogue City has 27 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

No stone unturned No stone unturned 0 Find a secret area in the Arcade. 15
Zip This Up Zip This Up 0 Shoot an enemy in a sensitive spot. 10
Good eyes, Murphy! Good eyes, Murphy! 0 Find a PCB for Auto-9 in a secret area of Steel Mill. 30
Live by the bike... Live by the bike... 0 Shoot the gas tank of a moving motorcycle. 15
Strikeout! Strikeout! 0 Eliminate an enemy using a throwable object. 15
Dead-On Dead-On 0 Score 150 points at the shooting range. 15
"This Guy Is Really Good" "This Guy Is Really Good" 0 Score 200 points at the shooting range. 30
SuperCop SuperCop 0 Score 250 points at the shooting range. 90
A Real Hero A Real Hero 0 Save a cat from the Burning Hotel. 15
Officer of the month Officer of the month 0 Score "A" on any evaluation. 30
Nukem! Nukem! 0 Eliminate 3 enemies with 1 explosive. 15
Uphold the Law Uphold the Law 0 Issue a ticket. 15
May Be Used Against You May Be Used Against You 0 Hack an enemy turret. 15
There Can Only Be One There Can Only Be One 0 All Old Factory hostiles neutralized in under 10 min. 30
All Adds Up All Adds Up 0 Equip Auto-9's PCB with any chip. 15
I'd Buy That For a Dollar! I'd Buy That For a Dollar! 0 Find an OCP skill disk. 15
Practice Makes Perfect Practice Makes Perfect 0 Fully develop any skill. 30
Hard Boiled Hard Boiled 0 Help officers Kurtz and O'Neal solve a murder case. 30

Secret Achievements

Night Has Just Begun Night Has Just Begun 0 Complete Breaking News quest. 30
Dead or Alive Dead or Alive 0 Complete Soot's Final Encore quest. 30
Twenty Seconds to Comply Twenty Seconds to Comply 0 Complete Street Vulture's Turf quest. 30
Don't Mess With the Money! Don't Mess With the Money! 0 Complete Bank Heist quest. 30
Book Him! Book Him! 0 Complete Ghosts from The Past quest. 90
Let's Talk Let's Talk 0 Complete Wendell’s Confession quest. 90
Cashing Out Cashing Out 0 Complete The Man Himself quest. 90
Not Arresting You Anymore Not Arresting You Anymore 0 Complete No Way Out quest. 90
"Nice shooting, son" "Nice shooting, son" 0 Complete the game on any difficulty level. 90