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Arkanoid: Eternal Battle Achievements

Full list of Arkanoid: Eternal Battle achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Arkanoid: Eternal Battle has 23 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Legend Legend 0 Get a total of 20 wins (Eternal Battle) 90
Champion Champion 0 Get a total of 10 wins (Eternal Battle) 90
Expert Expert 0 Get a total of 7 wins (Eternal Battle) 30
Pro Pro 0 Get a total of 5 wins (Eternal Battle) 30
Semi-pro Semi-pro 0 Get a total of 3 wins (Eternal Battle) 30
Victory Royale Victory Royale 0 Win a game (Eternal Battle) 30
Collector Collector 0 Unlock all skins 100
Purist Purist 0 Win a game without collecting a single Item-Capsule 90
Insatiable Insatiable 0 Win a game by collecting all the Item-Capsules 30
Pacifist Pacifist 0 Win a game without using a single Power Up (Eternal Battle) 30
Flawless Round Flawless Round 0 Complete the Neo mode without using a continue 90
Neo Victory Neo Victory 0 Complete the Mode (Neo) 30
Arcade Room King Arcade Room King 0 Complete the Mode (Retro) 30
Versus Victory Versus Victory 0 Win a game against one or more AI (Versus) 20
Combo Pro Combo Pro 0 Keep the Combo Gauge full for 60 seconds 30
Sense of Priorities Sense of Priorities 0 Destroy the Antimatter Space Wall first 20
Business Acumen Business Acumen 0 Destroy the Yellow Magic Space Wall first 20
Chain Reaction Chain Reaction 0 Destroy the explosive Space Wall first 20
Sound Barrier Sound Barrier 0 Bounce the Energy Ball until it reaches its maximum speed 90
Juggler Juggler 0 Keep at least 3 Energy Balls for 30 seconds 30
Final chance Final chance 0 Destroy the Helpful 20
Final square (Eternal Battle) Final square (Eternal Battle) 0 Confront DOH 30
I'll be back I'll be back 0 Finish 25th 20