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Clash: Artifacts of Chaos Achievements

Full list of Clash: Artifacts of Chaos achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Target Practice Target Practice 0 Hit all targets with rocks while training at the parry machine 15
The Pride of Moozhaw The Pride of Moozhaw 0 Created 5 weapons 15
Your Training Continues Your Training Continues 0 Learned 4 special attacks other than the Spin Kick 15
Your Training Is Complete Your Training Is Complete 0 Found all special attacks 35
Stilt House Stilt House 0 Reached the highest elevation point in the Swamp 15
Amokuali Tower Amokuali Tower 0 Reached the highest elevation point in the Northern Ruins 15
Corwid Hill Corwid Hill 0 Reached the highest elevation point in the Corwid Woods 15
Freedom Freedom 0 Defeated the Outcast 35
Winner Winner 0 Defeated Axylon 35
Enemies of Fate Enemies of Fate 0 Defeated the Director 35
Armored Armored 0 Obtained 9 pieces of armor 35
Armor Collector Armor Collector 0 Obtained 18 pieces of armor 90
Dreamwalker Dreamwalker 0 Obtained 14 body parts for the night avatar 35
Vivid Dreams Vivid Dreams 0 Obtained 28 body parts for the night avatar 90
The Bigger They Are The Bigger They Are 0 Defeated Wrehgg 35
Declawing Declawing 0 Defeated Claw 35
Over the Moon Over the Moon 0 Defeated Moon-Sun 90
Omnia Vincit Amor Omnia Vincit Amor 0 Defeated Gemini 90
Red in Tooth and Claw Red in Tooth and Claw 0 Defeated Nightmare Claw 90
Total Eclipse Total Eclipse 0 Defeated Nightmare Moon-Sun 90
Broken Reflection Broken Reflection 0 Defeated Nightmare Gemini 90