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RPGolf Legends Achievements

Full list of RPGolf Legends achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

RPGolf Legends has 40 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

I Like Tutorials Too I Like Tutorials Too 0 Complete the tutorial hole before talking to Clubby about the fighting tutorial. 10
A First PAR A First PAR 0 Get a PAR. 10
You Are Doing Good You Are Doing Good 0 Get a BIRDIE. 10
That's Impressive That's Impressive 0 Get an EAGLE. 10
Sniper Sniper 0 Get a HOLE IN ONE. 100
Forest Hero Forest Hero 0 Unlock all the holes in the forest area. 10
Swamp Hero Swamp Hero 0 Unlock all the holes in the swamp area. 10
Desert Hero Desert Hero 0 Unlock all the holes in the desert area. 10
Tundra Hero Tundra Hero 0 Unlock all the holes in the tundra area. 10
Sky Island Hero Sky Island Hero 0 Unlock all the holes in the Sky Island area. 10
Retrowave Hero Retrowave Hero 0 Unlock all the holes in the Retrowave area. 10
Golf Newbie Golf Newbie 0 Win one tournament. 10
Golf Legend Golf Legend 0 Win one tournament in each area. 30
Challenger Challenger 0 Win one match play tournament. 10
Nemesis Nemesis 0 Win 6 match play tournaments. 30
You Have to Start Somewhere You Have to Start Somewhere 0 Complete your first quest. 10
The Answer The Answer 0 Complete all the quests. 100
Hunter Hunter 0 Defeat 100 monsters. 10
Treasure Seeker Treasure Seeker 0 Open 50 chests. 10
Master Crafter Master Crafter 0 Craft 42 items. 30
Ball Collector Ball Collector 0 Get all the colored balls. 30
Too Many Clubs Too Many Clubs 0 Get all the club sets. 100
Science Is Fun! Science Is Fun! 0 Unlock all the creatures in the museum. 30
Cup In Cup In 0 Shoot the ball directly from outside the green into the hole, without any rolling. 10
Fish Master Fish Master 0 Fish all the fish. 10
Pro Fisherman Pro Fisherman 0 Win a fishing tournament. 10
Nice Roll! Nice Roll! 0 Get the Soul Set. 30
Oldskool Oldskool 0 Complete the 8-bit game. 30
Realtor Realtor 0 Buy the house. 10
Carts Are Fun! Carts Are Fun! 0 Rent a cart in every area. 10

Secret Achievements

That Is a Lot of Crabs That Is a Lot of Crabs 0 Defeat 10 crabs. 20
That Is Really a Lot of Crabs That Is Really a Lot of Crabs 0 Defeat 100 crabs. 20
Please, Stop Please, Stop 0 Defeat 500 crabs. 50
Golf Saviour Golf Saviour 0 Get all the Gems. 20
Delegate Delegate 0 Play a tournament as Marina. 50
Cheater! Cheater! 0 Use the cheat in the 8-bit game. 20
You Monster You Monster 0 Kill a goat. 20
Is That a Shadow? Is That a Shadow? 0 Go under Sky Island with the boat. 20
The Choice The Choice 0 Defeat the samurai. 50
You Nosy Thing You Nosy Thing 0 Get to the edge of the map. 20