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Hazel Sky Achievements

Full list of Hazel Sky achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Hazel Sky has 24 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

First try First try 0 Complete the first machine. 40
Second try Second try 0 Complete the second machine. 40
This is it! This is it! 0 Complete the third machine. 40
What this means? What this means? 0 Find the secret ending. 150
Where now? Where now? 0 Escape from the Gideon. 150
Backpack complete Backpack complete 0 Collect all badges. 40
Collector Collector 0 Collect all keys. 40
Avid reader Avid reader 0 Inspect all books. 40
How do you get into Carnegie hall? How do you get into Carnegie hall? 0 Play all songs. 150
Half engineer, half fish Half engineer, half fish 0 Stay underwater for a long time. 40
Abundant food Abundant food 0 Feed the cow 5 times. 40
The truth The truth 0 Find Shanes's Mom Letter. 13
How many? How many? 0 Collect one badge. 13
First of many First of many 0 Collect one key. 13
Reader Reader 0 Inspect a book. 13
Shark attack Shark attack 0 You can't escape! 13
First chord First chord 0 Play a song. 13
Interesting Interesting 0 Inspect 8 objects. 13
Gonna find them all Gonna find them all 0 Inspect 16 objects. 40
Ball ruster Ball ruster 0 Fire a cannonball in the ocean. 40
Law breaker Law breaker 0 Go to the watchtower. 13
Weird stuff Weird stuff 0 Find the moon pamphlet. 13
Run, Shane, run! Run, Shane, run! 0 Run for a long time. 13

Secret Achievements

Finally an engineer...? Finally an engineer...? 0 Become an engineer...? 20