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Serial Cleaners Achievements

Full list of Serial Cleaners achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Serial Cleaners has 18 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Clean Conscience Clean Conscience 0 Finish party preparations 25
Off to a Good Start Off to a Good Start 0 Complete the first chapter 75
Pride and Joy Pride and Joy 0 Complete the second chapter 75
Eyes Yet To Open Eyes Yet To Open 0 Complete the third chapter 75
Something Rotten Something Rotten 0 Complete the fourth chapter 75
Witness Protection Witness Protection 0 Complete the fifth chapter 75
A New Broom Sweeps Clean A New Broom Sweeps Clean 0 Complete one mission without getting busted 35
Business as usual Business as usual 0 Clean up 15 dead bodies 50
So it goes So it goes 0 Get busted at least once 25
Small-time Finder Small-time Finder 0 Collect 20 pieces of evidence 50
Total Recall Total Recall 0 Live through all six memories 75
All the Stories All the Stories 0 Finish all main missions 100
Mr. Hygeni Mr. Hygeni 0 Do the perfect cleaning on one map 25
The Germophobes The Germophobes 0 Do the perfect cleaning on every single map 100
Blood Capade Blood Capade 0 Do a single blood slide for 5 seconds as Bob 35
The Wing and the Thigh The Wing and the Thigh 0 Dismember 10 corpses as Psycho 35
Bee Squat Bee Squat 0 Leave 10 spray tags as Lati 35
Hackathon Hackathon 0 Tamper with 10 objects through hacking console as Vip3r 35