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River City Girls 2 Achievements

Full list of River City Girls 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

River City Girls 2 has 56 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Double-Chocolate Donuts Double-Chocolate Donuts 0 Got to class late, left school early. 5
Mall Rats Mall Rats 0 No zombies found here. 10
Forget All Your Troubles Forget All Your Troubles 0 No finer place, for sure. 10
Gen Rushing Gen Rushing 0 The gates have been open! 10
Haunting Grounds Haunting Grounds 0 Avoided getting lost in the woods. 10
Boney Busywork Boney Busywork 0 Completed a request for a creepy skeleton monster. 10
Uptown World Uptown World 0 Don't believe me? Just watch. 10
Our Hope Our Hope 0 Showed Mibobo a dream in your dance. 10
Shadow Force Shadow Force 0 It's a bit meta when you think about it. 10
We're In We're In 0 Found out how deep the rabbit hole goes. 10
Wild Kids Wild Kids 0 Brawl on the Boardwalk. 10
Do You Even Lift? Do You Even Lift? 0 Completed Shimizu's Challenge. 10
Fashionably Friendly Fashionably Friendly 0 Got disguises from a... frenemy? 10
Back to School Back to School 0 Literally. 10
Flame Off! Flame Off! 0 Avoided some serious burns. 10
River City Ransom River City Ransom 0 Someone is always in need of rescue in this town... 15
Tower of Power Tower of Power 0 Showdown in little Sanwakai. 20
Power Stones Power Stones 0 Left no stone unshattered. 20
I Choose You! I Choose You! 0 Enlisted the help of a former enemy from a Hideout. 5
Stranger's Danger Stranger's Danger 0 You can't put a price on pain. 5
What Are You Buying? What Are You Buying? 0 I see you have an eye for things. 5
Safety Deposit Safety Deposit 0 Horded your snacks at a Hideout. 5
Cupcake on the Wall Cupcake on the Wall 0 This is a conspiracy! That's what this is. 5
An Overlooked Surprise? An Overlooked Surprise? 0 Don't sleep on returning here for a secret... 5
A Quick Detour A Quick Detour 0 This should have only taken a moment... 10
Lost Track of Time Lost Track of Time 0 Got completely distracted while exploring River City. 40
Up To No Good Up To No Good 0 Put a stop to some bullies making trouble in your neighborhood. 20
Survival Horror Survival Horror 0 Fight off an evil that has taken residence within the woods. 20
It's Time To Play It's Time To Play 0 Went maverick and spiked some enemies into sand. 20
Coming Attractions Coming Attractions 0 Survived an early encounter with an old foe. 15
Damsel Dealing Distress Damsel Dealing Distress 0 Abs for days. 15
Broken Spell Broken Spell 0 Served up a beatdown to a bewitching enchantress. 15
Giving it a Shot Giving it a Shot 0 Breakdance Beatdowns. 15
Ghost in the Machine Ghost in the Machine 0 Should probably update all the passwords to something like 'kittykitty123', maybe? 15
PRIMO DELIGHTS PRIMO DELIGHTS 0 Obtained the third emblem. 15
A Pathetic Son A Pathetic Son 0 Won a rematch at River City High. 15
Get Da Choppah! Get Da Choppah! 0 Double Cross(ed) Off! 15
IMPOSSIBLE! IMPOSSIBLE! 0 Thwarted the leader of the Sabu Clan. 45
Not So Friendly Not So Friendly 0 That wasn't on purpose... really! 5
River City Brawl River City Brawl 0 The gang's all here. 10
The Completionist The Completionist 0 Obtained 100% completion. 100

Secret Achievements

Here's Your Lesson Plan! Here's Your Lesson Plan! 0 Gave Mr. Rudis his book back. 10
Let's Be Crazy Let's Be Crazy 0 Bounced on a bed. 5
Keep it Secret Keep it Secret 0 Keep it Safe. 15
Can You Pet The Dog? Can You Pet The Dog? 0 No, you can not. Why would you even think you could do that? 5
Romance Novel Romance Novel 0 Gave a significant other a shot in Burgh's Books. 20
Cryptid Corner Cryptid Corner 0 Found deals that are to die for... 20
Made Milton Proud Made Milton Proud 0 It looks like someone has a case of the Monday's. 20
TV Dinner TV Dinner 0 Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs! 20
Spirited Away Spirited Away 0 A friend was not revived in a time of need. 5
Mine Now Mine Now 0 Try to snatch it. 10
Gimme a break... Gimme a break... 0 All geared up. 50
Funktasmical! Funktasmical! 0 Way to cool for school! 50
Purr-fect Collection Purr-fect Collection 0 We weren't kitten with these collectibles! 50
Autumn Moon Autumn Moon 0 Deadlier after Dark... 50
Take me to the place I love Take me to the place I love 0 Take me all the way and snap it. 50