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Afterimage Achievements

Full list of Afterimage achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Afterimage has 46 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

AFTERIMAGE AFTERIMAGE 0 Achieve all achievements. 200
The Assault The Assault 0 Defeat Lush Wolf. 10
Broken Wings Broken Wings 0 Defeat Loss, the Broken Wings. 10
Gimme Shelter Gimme Shelter 0 Defeat Agus, the Pyro Goliath, Aqil, the Pyro Goliath. 10
Darkside of the moon Darkside of the moon 0 Defeat Guider, the Shadow Moon. 10
For Whom The Bell Tolls For Whom The Bell Tolls 0 Defeat Karin, the Occult Prime. 10
She Is My Sin She Is My Sin 0 Defeat Eseus, the Transcendent. 25
Tomorrow Will Be Longer Tomorrow Will Be Longer 0 Defeat Eseus, the Eternal. 55
In the Name of God In the Name of God 0 Defeat all powerful existences. 20
No Surrender No Surrender 0 Defeat all bosses. 25
Luxuriance Luxuriance 0 Collect all shards of Divine Leaf and Divine Flower. 25
Word Of The Primeval Word Of The Primeval 0 Collect all Primeval Glyphs. 25
Keen Hunter Keen Hunter 0 Complete the Beastiary. 10
Gate Of Babylon Gate Of Babylon 0 Collect all weapons and armors. 25
Se's Apprentice Se's Apprentice 0 Collect all accessories. 25
Epicure Epicure 0 Taste all cuisines of Engardin. 25
Thoroughly Tempered Thoroughly Tempered 0 Reach level 99. 10
Omneity Omneity 0 Obtain all abilities and Afterimages, and reach level 99. 25
Money For Nothing Money For Nothing 0 Purchase all shop items. 25
Geographer Geographer 0 Activate all Confluences of Stream. 10
Homecoming Homecoming 0 Where is my mind? 10
Cradle Cradle 0 Down in a hall and I don't know if I can be saved. 10
Essential Essential 0 Along the Tablet, seared by fate. 25
Hope Hope 0 This fire is out of control... 10
Withering Withering 0 ...the hardest part of this is leaving you. 10
Journey Journey 0 We're out on the road again. 25
Dream Dream 0 Sweet dreams... are made of this? 10
Waiting Waiting 0 Engadin is doomed and there's nothing I can do. 10
World Flower World Flower 0 Shine on, you crazy flower. 55
The Number Of The Beast The Number Of The Beast 0 Deal 666 damage in one single hit. 20
Holy Diver Holy Diver 0 Perform a leap of faith. 20
Iron Man Iron Man 0 Defeat an enemy by performing an enhanced Iron Bastion. 20

Secret Achievements

Word Of Shenlong Word Of Shenlong 0 Collect all Shenlong Glyphs. 25
The March Of The Swordmaster The March Of The Swordmaster 0 Learn all secret arts. 25
Come As You Are Come As You Are 0 Witness the long journey of Stanley and Levine. 10
Long Gone Day Long Gone Day 0 Witness the effects of Nicole. 10
Fade To Black Fade To Black 0 Witness the endless end of Ethan. 10
On The Road On The Road 0 Witness the great adventure of Karsa and Brenda. 10
Trinity Trinity 0 In the name of the Mask, Sword, and Halo. 25
Poem Of Death Poem Of Death 0 Witness the last Echo of Rosalia. 10
"Comfortably Numb" "Comfortably Numb" 0 Do not disturb other's "work." 10
Sleeping Sun Sleeping Sun 0 Witness the fading of a sun. 10
Taste of Happiness Taste of Happiness 0 Taste the flavour of happiness. 10
Condolence Condolence 0 May our paths cross soon once again... 10
The Wall The Wall 0 Red phone or blue phone? 10
TIS AIN'T POGO TIME TIS AIN'T POGO TIME 0 Save this for the sequel! 20