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GRAVEN Achievements

Full list of GRAVEN achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

GRAVEN has 37 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Elgan's Domain Elgan's Domain 0 Enter Cruxfirth. 10
Beacon in the Fog Beacon in the Fog 0 Illuminate the lighthouse. 10
A Plague Repelled A Plague Repelled 0 Destroy the flesh tree. 25
Sail North Sail North 0 Depart to seek Grimwine's knowledge. 75
Home Again Home Again 0 Push the Rebirthed out of the village. 10
Grimwine's Gate Grimwine's Gate 0 Pass through the Cursed Barrier to enter the castle. 25
Ephemeral Ontology Ephemeral Ontology 0 Pursue the strange person into the horizon. 75
Tried, Found Justified Tried, Found Justified 0 Receive absolution from the bishop. 15
Causation Restored Causation Restored 0 Defeat all forms of the Created. 75
Vagabond Vagabond 0 Use a fast travel stone to return to a previous region. 10
Bend the Knee Bend the Knee 0 Prevent falling damage by crouching on impact. 10
Powder Kick Powder Kick 0 Kick an explosive container into an enemy. 10
Vase Maneuvers Vase Maneuvers 0 Kill an enemy by hitting them with a decoration. 10
Mind Your Footing Mind Your Footing 0 Kill an enemy with falling damage. 10
Icebreaker Icebreaker 0 Kill a chilled enemy with a critical hit. 10
Wet Feet Wet Feet 0 Kill an enemy stunned by shocked water. 10
Breakthrough Breakthrough 0 Kill 10 enemies with penetrating projectiles. 10
Short Fuse Short Fuse 0 Kill a skeleton sapper by igniting their pack. 10
Putrefaction Putrefaction 0 Learn about the Undecaying Cult. 25
Frozen in Rage Frozen in Rage 0 Uncover the origins of the Shivering Dead. 25
The Cloth The Cloth 0 Discover the history of the Orthogonal Order. 25
The Flagellant Path The Flagellant Path 0 Complete the story on the highest difficulty. 100
The Parallel Path The Parallel Path 0 Find every Orthogonal shrine. 25
Craftsman Craftsman 0 Upgrade a weapon. 10
Sommelier Sommelier 0 Quaff every potion. 10
Warrior in the Garden Warrior in the Garden 0 Find every weapon. 75
Finery Finery 0 Find every ring. 50
Lithophile Lithophile 0 Find every staff stone. 50
Anagogic Anagogic 0 Fully upgrade every spell. 75
Tomb of Tomes Tomb of Tomes 0 Kill Gravick. 10
Burning Reentry Burning Reentry 0 Kill an enemy with a peat-stuck Skitterfly. 10
Liminal Rite Liminal Rite 0 Survive a song against a full choir. 10
Illumined Sky Illumined Sky 0 Destroy 10 projectiles using the Crystal Candelabra. 10
My Walking Stick My Walking Stick 0 Kill 10 enemies with the fully upgraded staff. 10
Heretics Heretics 0 Kill 100 Dihedral with spells. 50
Sight Reading Sight Reading 0 Kill a Dihedral Chanter with the Orthogonal Hymnal. 10
Clerical Error Clerical Error 0 Recover 200 health from Cleric healing potion spills. 10