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Scars Above Achievements

Full list of Scars Above achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Scars Above has 45 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Secret Achievements

Construction Work Construction Work 0 VERA assembled. 15
Beyond the Horizon Beyond the Horizon 0 Discovered the Metahedron vista. 15
He Ruined Us He Ruined Us 0 Weathered the mysterious storm. 15
The Body Must Be Cleansed The Body Must Be Cleansed 0 Investigated the area around Richard's backpack and figured out where he went. 15
Blades of Grass Blades of Grass 0 Reached the Grassy Plains. 15
Fallen Deity Fallen Deity 0 Found the crashed remains of the Hermes. 15
Lost Scientist Lost Scientist 0 Found Mr. Jefferson. 15
The Code of Life The Code of Life 0 Learned of the mysterious code hidden in genes. 15
Control Variable Control Variable 0 Learned of Kate's special status. 15
I Just Wanted You to See Her I Just Wanted You to See Her 0 Discovered Naya's fate. 15
We Are SCARs We Are SCARs 0 Completed the game. 15
Pillars of the Earth Pillars of the Earth 0 Activated your first pillar. 15
Pillars Everywhere Pillars Everywhere 0 Activated 5 pillars. 15
Worlds Without End Worlds Without End 0 Activated all pillars. 15
Ready and Able Ready and Able 0 Unlocked the first ability. 15
Peak Potential Peak Potential 0 Unlocked a tier 4 ability. 30
Masterclass Masterclass 0 Unlocked all abilities. 80
Aristotle's Apprentice Aristotle's Apprentice 0 Scanned first natural resource. 15
Master Scientist Master Scientist 0 Scanned all available unique natural resources. 30
Darwin's Theory Darwin's Theory 0 Scanned the first hostile creature. 15
Scientific Collection Scientific Collection 0 Scanned all hostile creatures. 30
Putting Together the Initial Pieces Putting Together the Initial Pieces 0 Solved the Alien Console puzzle. 15
A Healthy Mind A Healthy Mind 0 Solved all puzzles. 30
Knowledge is Power Knowledge is Power 0 Scanned a Knowledge Cube. 15
Destructive Tool Printing Destructive Tool Printing 0 Used the Mobile Printing Unit to craft the Thermic Charger. 15
Destructive Tool Collection Destructive Tool Collection 0 Crafted all weapons. 30
Tinkerer Tinkerer 0 Crafted a weapon upgrade. 15
Applied Science Applied Science 0 Crafted a weapon upgrade for all weapons. 30
Improvise, Adapt, Overcome Improvise, Adapt, Overcome 0 Crafted the first gadget. 15
Science Wins Science Wins 0 Crafted all gadgets. 30
Survivor Survivor 0 Crafted the first consumable. 15
Master Survivor Master Survivor 0 Crafted all consumables. 30
Alpha Alpha 0 Defeated the Alpha. 30
Fear Keeps You Sharp Fear Keeps You Sharp 0 Discovered Robinsons' transformation into the Alluvial King and had to kill him. 30
Deconstructed Deconstructed 0 Defeated the Construct. 30
Flesh and Bones Flesh and Bones 0 Defeated the Feliform Cadaver. 30
Face the Nightmare Face the Nightmare 0 Defeated the Neuro-parasite. 30
Omega Omega 0 Defeated the Omega and the Custodian. 80
CAUTION: Flammable CAUTION: Flammable 0 Ignited multiple enemies with a single Flammable Liquid charge. 15
Trapped Trapped 0 Kept an enemy within the Gravity Trap for its whole duration. 15
Final Destination Final Destination 0 Used the shield to deflect incoming damage that would have killed you. 15
Baited Baited 0 Killed an enemy while it was affected by the Holo-lure. 15
Shattered Shattered 0 Killed an enemy while it was in the frozen state. 15
Newton's Third Law Newton's Third Law 0 Caused an elemental reaction. 15
Real-time Analysis Real-time Analysis 0 Used the pulse scan to reveal an enemy weak point. 15