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GigaBash Achievements

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GigaBash has 35 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

All Grown Up! All Grown Up! 0 Finished the tutorial 15
Eye of the Titan Eye of the Titan 0 Played in the Gym for 30 minutes 15
Fists, Fury and a lot of Rage Fists, Fury and a lot of Rage 0 Completed Gorogong story 15
All For One and One For All All For One and One For All 0 Completed Pipijuras story 15
Home Sweet Home? Home Sweet Home? 0 Completed Woolley Story 15
A New Age A New Age 0 Completed Thundatross Story 15
Apex Mode Apex Mode 0 Finished all Story Mode campaign in Apex Difficulty 30
Apocalypse Mode Apocalypse Mode 0 Finished all Story Mode campaign in Apocalypse Difficulty 100
I've Had Enough! I've Had Enough! 0 Unlocked Kongkrete 15
Keeper of Knowledge Keeper of Knowledge 0 Unlocked all Titan Lore and Location Bios 15
Symbiotic Symbiotic 0 Completed 1 Teamplay battle 15
It's Mayhem! It's Mayhem! 0 Completed 1 Mayhem Mode playthrough (5 points) 15
Sidetracked... Sidetracked... 0 Completed all sub-objectives in Story Mode 15
Spectacular Finisher Spectacular Finisher 0 Won 10 matches using Ultimate as the final blow 30
Seasoned Fighter Seasoned Fighter 0 Player level 10 15
Battle Hardened Battle Hardened 0 Player level 30 30
Martyrdom Martyrdom 0 Defeated a player by using Post-Death and let the remaining player win 15
Oh Baby, A Triple Oh Baby, A Triple 0 Performed the finishing blow on 3 opponents in a single match (Free-for-all) 30
Ninja Reflex Ninja Reflex 0 Grabbed a thrown item or a building 30
Let Them Fight Let Them Fight 0 Spectated a 4 CPU match 15
Right back at'cha Right back at'cha 0 As Pipijuras, deflected a projectile and defeat someone with it 15
Katamari Katamari 0 As Woolley, used Snowball to roll up all 3 opponents at the same time 15
Double Punch! Double Punch! 0 As Gorogong, Used Double Punch to break the opponent's shield 15
Master of Disguise Master of Disguise 0 As Kongkrete, used its passive ability in all 6 biomes 15
What's Mine is Yours What's Mine is Yours 0 As Rohanna, let your teammate use your Club to win the match (Teamplay only) 15
Taste Your Own Medicine Taste Your Own Medicine 0 Defeated Skorak with his own shell 30
Cautious Veteran Cautious Veteran 0 Won a match using Gigaman without personally destroying any buildings in Kimura District 30
Zero-sum Game Zero-sum Game 0 As Rawa, used Decimate: Supernova to win a match 30
Bastion of Humanity Bastion of Humanity 0 Completed 10 teamplay matches as Thundatross and have Gigaman as your teammate 15
This is GigaBash! This is GigaBash! 0 Completed 1 online Free-for-all batttle with 4 players 15
Just Getting Warmed Up Just Getting Warmed Up 0 Won 10 match in Online Mode 30
Top of the Food Chain Top of the Food Chain 0 Defeated a total of 100 Titans in Online Mode 100
Signature look of Superiority Signature look of Superiority 0 Have 5 win streak in Online Mode 100
Watchful Sentinel Watchful Sentinel 0 As Zyva, won against all other Titans in online mode 100

Secret Achievements

5 Stages of Grief 5 Stages of Grief 0 Witnessed J.Lorenz go through an existential crisis as his life's work turns to waste 15