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Young Souls Achievements

Full list of Young Souls achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Young Souls has 33 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

First Blood First Blood 0 Kill a goblin for the first time 10
Beast Rider Beast Rider 0 Ride a dragon for the first time 10
No Pain, No Gain No Pain, No Gain 0 Earn 5 stars on a Happy Fit training session 25
Block Master Block Master 0 Block 10 attacks 10
Will You Parry Me Will You Parry Me 0 Parry an attack 10
Dodge Master Dodge Master 0 Dodge an attack by rolling 10
Too Skilled for You Too Skilled for You 0 Complete a dungeon without taking any damage 50
That's Better That's Better 0 Upgrade a weapon or armor 10
Overpowered Overpowered 0 Upgrade a weapon to 6 stars 25
Top Gear Top Gear 0 Upgrade an accessory to its maximum level 25
I'm So Fancy I'm So Fancy 0 Equip an armor and helmet combo 25
Gold Keeper I Gold Keeper I 0 Collect 25,000 gold 25
Gold Keeper II Gold Keeper II 0 Collect 50,000 gold 25
Gold Keeper III Gold Keeper III 0 Collect 100,000 gold 25
I See Dead Goblins I See Dead Goblins 0 Clear all Catacombs 50
Badass Badass 0 Clear all hard branches 50
Treasure Hunter I Treasure Hunter I 0 Open all bronze key chests 25
Treasure Hunter II Treasure Hunter II 0 Open all silver key chests 40
Treasure Hunter III Treasure Hunter III 0 Open all gold key chests 50
Challenger Challenger 0 Complete the game at least in Challenging mode 50
Expert Expert 0 Finish the game in Expert mode 75
Job Is Done! Job Is Done! 0 Complete the game at 100% 100

Secret Achievements

So Much for the Master of Magic So Much for the Master of Magic 0 Beat Dinkoy 25
Definitely Silent Definitely Silent 0 Kill Marl 25
She Became One With Her Machine She Became One With Her Machine 0 Kill Tetcha 25
Faster Than His Shadow Faster Than His Shadow 0 Kill Fazmore 25
Still No "Master" Still No "Master" 0 Kill Dinkoy 25
NINJA! NINJA! 0 Kill Shinjo 25
All Brawn and No Brains All Brawn and No Brains 0 Kill Kah-Kon 25
Reunited At Last Reunited At Last 0 Rescue the Professor 25
Too Big a Price to Pay Too Big a Price to Pay 0 Help the Professor to bury the Driller under rocks 25
Just Deserts? Just Deserts? 0 Defeat Dwarvengobben 25
Training Complete Training Complete 0 Beat Yarlanda in the last Mausoleum 25